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Important Consultation on Work & Health


This may affect the future of people in the ESA Support Group . They are consulting individuals as well as professionals and includes the reforming of the WCA. It is a long questionnaire so you don’t have to answer all the questions but if you don’t do anything else, please try and answer the questions on ESA...they are planning to ‘target’ those in the Support Group for some sort of Work Related Activity and it will be focussed on those with mental health and muscularskeletal illnesses. I know these consultations are often a whitewash but if none of us fill them in they’ll think we’re OK with it.

You can do it all online anonymously but if you need to save and come back to it you need to give an email. Many people are nervous about giving their email but you don't have to give your main one. It is easy to set up an alternative email on Google or Hotmail.

Closing date: 17th February 2017

You can find out more about it from this blog too:


Many thanks

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