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I was making hot camomile tea with lemon and honey well i started to get a weird feeling like I was going to black out or somthing i remembered that some one told me when they had high blood pressure her doctor told her to suck some lemon juice from a lemon well i did it and omg i can't freakin believe it i sucked on the lemon i had for my hot tea and the feeling I had stopped on it's tracks wtf DO I HAVE HIGHT BLOOD PRESSURE I THINK I NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR MAYBE IT'S MAKING MY MENTAL HEALTH DOCTOR THINK IT'S ANXIETY WHEN IT REALLY NOT OR MAYBE IT IS ANXIETY AND IT IS MAKING MY BLOOD PRESSURE SKY HIGH OMG THIS MESS IS NUTS

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Please go get your blood pressure test,asap. That will help alot with the unknown.

With my snxiety,comes faintness snd dizziness. I fell to the ground a couple of times. Fro me,I sort of expect it. I try to have something in my stomach to reduce the lightheadedness? That works as an anxiety trick I Guess.

I know the feeling of getting bent out of sorts,and falling to the ground. Its the worst feeling ever. Then I get on the phone with my psych,and he is so silent. Go to the ER if you feel this way. Never once has he tried to talk me out of a panic attack.*if they would only try to be more helpful. They should trust in themselves that their empathetic words to us can be so powerful. Sorry, I have alot of doctor anger in me today. I have alot of anxiety about never seeing a woman president in my lifetime. I feel like someone died.


From the US


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I am going to try the lemon!

Thanks for telling us.

Btw,I am in high anxiety mode rn due to the US elections. Day just turned to night. I am afraid the panic or unhappiness will ensue. I lost my hopes of what America has to gain from this election. :(


The election put me over the edge. I was surprised at how much I freaked out about it. Yes, I have anxiety so anything that provokes it is quite the ride. And boy did this election provoke it. Soooo, I've turned off the news and will live my life full of love and acceptance and hope for the best and NOT worry about the worst. I deleted politics from my life. Don't need the stress.


Yes I've definitely had to turn off the news it has made me lose a lot of faith in humanity (or the lack thereof). Afraid of whats to come. I decided I will have to avoid national news for the next four years since I can't do anything about it. Thats our best bet.

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Kiniki, I know what you mean. I am in California. Where abouts do u live?


I'm in Michigan.


Sunnyg,I totally understand. What part of the country are you in?

I am in California.

Good Wishes,



Good for you!


If you have high blood pressure you normally don't faint. Welcome to anxiety 101. The lemon was a distraction and it worked. I would carry a cut up lemon with me...........It does not matter what works to snap you out of your stuff. all that matter is that it did. LOL I can't get my BP taken at the doctors because I get all anxious there, and it "looks" like I have High BP when I probably don't. ( do you hate doctors? I do)

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