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Ohh the pain!

I've almost 90% got the hang of the "let go of the fight" "allow yourself to feel this way"... Sometimes i sit there and think wow ... I feel like shit but tomorrow is another day. However one thing I can't ignore is the physical pain. I'm not a big fan of pills but have to take them when my shoulder or neck or head hurt. I also get the lump feeling in the throat which which once there stays a while longer than the anxiousness.

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Hooray for you! The physical can take so long to RELAX as we have muscle memory and so even if we breath through the panic, we still tense up and it makes us HURT. Get a massage (advice to myself too) and keep up the great work!

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Sorry,you are in such pain. I take pills when I feel pain. I dont like taking the pills either. But I cant tolerate much pain. And the anxiousness makes the pain worse.

I feel you.

Thanks for posting.



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