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Just feel like crying


One thing I have noticed is my anxiety got worst when I got pregnant but unfortunately lost my anxiety was all ready difficult to deal with but when I became pregnant things toke a wrong turn now it's to much for me to take night Times becoming more hard and when I get up I feel worse I am unhappy I know if I got good night sleeps I would wakeup batter than what I do for the past few days

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Are you pregnant now?

No unfortunately miscarriageed but still feel hormonal feels like I am all over the place and anxity really don't help

are u pregnant now?my heart goes to u fir ur own sake u need to find away to relax and someone to talk to like a partner or friend or family or maybe go to ur gp u could ask for cbt theraphy i did it and they give u techniquiks to relax as a way of managing ur anxiety being pregnant can be scarey but u will b ok.i bougjt my child up by myself i thought i couldnt do it but 15yrs old i proved that i could as when u love ur child which is the best thing inthe world u will get through it all.i really hoped ive helped u best wishes 💚

Thank you and unfortunately no I am not its my 3rd miscarriage I am going throw a bad time with the anxity and unfortunately don't know as well what's going on with my body my periods are messed up and have sharp pains now and again on my left side so now I have to do a scan to see if its not a pregnancy in my tubes or something wrong with my oborys I am scared it's to much going on and this anxity don't help

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