Head Pressure/Odd Feeling in Head

I have had many different symptoms of anxiety but they never really stuck with me except for one symptom. The symptom that I struggle the most with is head pressure and I just can't figure out how to overcome the feeling. I spend my entire day just thinking about this feeling and it drives me crazy. I can't think straight and I have no desire to do anything. I am at the point where I don't even feel like I have anxiety anymore but there is this feeling in my head that I can't stop thinking about. Why is this affecting me so much more than any other symptom. All the the other symptoms I've had never affected me like the head pressure does. Why do you think this might be?


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  • Hey i know what you mean i just posted something similiar to your post but i too feel pressure and i always feel like somethings wrong in my head same like with you i dont really feel anxious anymore its just have that wierd unwell feeling i dont know how to explain it when i go to the doc it not really a headache but its worst then one

  • Exactly how I feel. It's so confusing.

  • Yea it feels horrible i hope it is just anxiety

  • Look up and read about "intracranial hypertension".

  • Is that dangerous ? What to do about it ?

  • First get your eyes examined by an opthomologist. If you have the elevated pressure around your brain it can damage the optic nerve. Otherwise it is not so dangerous. But it is difficult to treat. Diamox is the first drug to try but is a prescription. So see an eye doctor.

  • don't worry I have that symptom too when I get anxiety it is more like from your anxiety

  • Hey Duke...This sounds really nasty for you to go through and i wondered if you have had a blood pressure done recently or failing that ask your physician for a brain mri to rule out any nerves that are trapped. It could also be pressure on the arteries causing these symptoms. Your physician will want to reassure you and it may well put your mind at rest and thinking the worst when you have no definitive answer. I went for an mri for a tremor but the tests came back ok so it was probably a side effect of my meds.

    I hope you find answers soon. Sending love and thoughts x

  • As you will see from this site there are a number of very common physical symptoms of anxiety and a feeling of pressure in the head and concern about having a brain tumour. People will then see a doctor who will look for any relevant signs and always find none. Often you will then go on to get a brain scan which will be normal.

    The common presenting age for this is between 15 and 30.

    Do you fit into this pattern?

    If so try and work on managing anxiety.

  • Hey Duke, I have same problem once upon time it's like we don't want to think about it but we do thinking again and again.. my best advice is don't spend more time near lappy or mobile and don't sit do exercise mainly brain exercise always think that u are an free man you don't have any problems and jesus is with you. He is there feel it and do "pranayama"(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43GdnZ7-PtU) for 2min.. next time go to some cool place don't feel anything feel that u r with jesus u r sharing your problems with him

  • hi there i have the feeling of pressure in my head-frontal.like you i struggle to do things-i dont think mine is anxiety as it is persistent and never goes away plus my head is swollen,gp wont do a scan .have you asked for a scan?i once told my gp of headpain and he dismissed it saying "its just a headache".

  • Well you said it yourself you think about it all day so the more you focus on it and care/worry about it the more it will hang around and feel more intense then it actually is. I had head pressure for 2 months straight when I finally de used to stop focusing on it and relax my head neck and shoulders it went away.

    The pressure is from tension and anxiety. So first step stop focusing or giving a poop about it just say so what if I have head pressure.

    Then make sure you are drinking lots of water.

    Take paracetamol if you have to

    Try to get a massage

    Do muscle relaxation (YouTube) you need to relax the muscles in your upper body to get rid of the tension.

    Possibly see a physio, Chiro or osteopath.

    I wish you all the best :)

  • does your pressure get worse when you strain or move? (bend over, laugh, turn your head etc)..

  • The pressure may be your body's response to anxiety -a pushing away -in that case the best thing is to accept you are anxious and do everything you can to calm and center yourself. It is a struggle and you are not alone.

  • Oh I feel you, I've had this for 2years now it sucks, in July it went away for about 4weeks don't know why, I didn't do anything different either, I try to just go on with my daily life, but at times it's just so bad. I got tired of going to my Dr. and for her to say, it's nothing 😩 But yes it drives me crazy and I'm a totally different person because of this. I'm no longer the fun outgoing person I use to be, maybe one day this will all go away 🙏🏻

  • Hi, do you still have this problem? I have had awful head pressure/tension for a year now and I feel like I can't take it much longer!

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