Feeling anxoius dont know what to do about my symptoms

Hey everyone im having a hard time dealing with my symptoms i been feeling a bit disoriented and tired all the time i always have this wierd headache but its not like pain headaches its more like somethings wrong in there i also always feel sick like if somethings wrong i been feeling like this for awhile already docs dont seem to find anything i did have a mri in august and that came back nomal im just having a hard time because i still feel unwell i feel like i know somethings wrong but i dont know what to do please feel free too leave any advice and comments

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  • Me too! I'm lost with this crappy stuff. I feel like I am sick, sick, sick. Weak, tired, fluish, etc. Was the scan of your head? Did they look at your sinuses?

  • Yes it was a head mri and i think they looked at my sisnuses to everything came back ok but its wierd bcus i still feel horrible at times

  • What are your symptoms

  • WoW i just posted a similar post this is how i feel all the time lately and i feel something is really wrong and no where i go will give me a heas scan

  • I could imagine the anxiety it gives you thats how it was for me they would do nuero test to test my motor skills bit i had too keep telling them to get a scan but i got and i still feel the same after now it feels like they missed something how are you feeling or what are your symptoms if you dont mind me asking

  • dizzy,nauseated, feel like im goin to faint, head pressure,zaps,pain,squeezes like my brain shifts differents parts gets pains they can be seconds or little more. feel like im tip over.

  • Have you seen a doc if you did they said its all anxiety i believe since you are on here

  • This sounds exactly like mine. The brain fog, zaps, feeling out of it is awful. I'm staying home from work today thanks to these things :(

  • Hi Joe,

    Sorry to hear that you are having a hard time dealing with your anxieties. I have been having anxieties for a long time as well but I am managing to control them.

    First, I understand how you feel. I have health anxiety and I always worry that something is wrong with me. As I laugh now, every week is a new symptom. And, once you get checked, you think that doctors might have made a mistake and so on. So, the first thing that should make you feel better is to know that you are not the only one and that I have similar symptoms.

    Second, I realised that my anxiety WANTS me to feel like there is something wrong with me. So, I am learning to trust the doctors and I am trying to accept that yes, there is something wrong with me... I have anxiety!!!! So, I am cutting down the number of times I go to see my GP and hoping that every time I feel "ill", it is not a scary illness but my anxiety messing with me. If you doctors did the tests and say that there is nothing wrong with you, then focus your attention on treating anxiety (but, God, I know how difficult it is to do that!!)

    Third, there are many ways to face your anxiety...I am currently half way through my CBT sessions. I am not sure if they help but I have been feeling much calmer recently.

    Feeling the way you are feeling is so so so familiar to me. I am living it right now. And the problem is that if its not your head that you worry about tomorrow, it will be something else. So, I think you need to speak with the GP about how you feel and why you feel like that. Good luck :)

  • I'm currently having a crying, dizzy panic attack and I'll reading this. It helped so much. Thank you.

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