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Introduction about myself, I'm new here x

Introduction about myself, I'm new here x

Hi everyone. I'm a 30 year old lady mum of 3. I have been living with ptsd, depression, insomnia, ocd, generalised anxiety disorder for 10 years now. I am not on any medication because of my immense fear of side effects but I have gone for cbt. Every day is a battle, life is so hard living with these conditions.

I wake up every night at the same time and my mind goes on a trip, I'm forever tired, I'm in constant panic and worry.

Nice to meet yous and I hope to get support here as well as offer support x

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Hi codepops, I'm sorry you have to be here but it's nice to meet you! I wish I had some answers for you, but it definitely is nice to hear from others like us.

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Hi, welcome. My name is April and I am 31, been suffering these things as well for over ten years. And medication terrifies me too. So I almost never take any. God...please bring us peace. 😟


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