Pain in arm and tight chest

Went out Saturday night and drunk like an idiot, now yesterday i was fixated on my heart and kept seeing what it was doing, then I had a dream about having a heart transplant. then I woke up in such an anxious mode wondering when I will have a heart attack, all day my left arm has been numb and my heart rate has been sort of high, please someone just help me reassure that this is my subconscious mind creating these pains :( so scared now!


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  • I think it is i use to awake and immediately thought about my heart and sometimes thinks it beating too fast but it wasnt but because i was so obsessed over it it happened i put myself into a panic attack.

  • I too do that! this is my most recent health anxiety episode. aware of my heart beat and bringing on heart flutters from worrying that much about it.

  • Yesss me too

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