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I feel trapped and No one cares


I'm alone and I can't do this anymore. It keeps happening and I can't hind it anymore. Why can't I just be normal like others. Why am I the freak. Everytime it happens I'm alone. I can't fight it anymore. I keep losing to it. I'm lost and alone. Why do I even try fighting it.

It's so lonely fighting it alone and no one knows I'm fighting to show them I'm ok.

I'm done. I feel so broken and trapped like there's no way out and I'm losing.

I'm so alone in my own way.

No one understands the pain I've been keeping away. There's no way to fight it

I'm so so very alone.😢😭😢

I'm so sad and scared and very very very very alone.

My family and friends don't understand and I need help.

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I swear you're not alone. This entire site was set up just so that people like us don't have to feel alone. We hear you and we're here. Whatever you're feeling is valid. It is OKAY to be sad sometimes. Have you ever explained things to your family or friends? Have you ever seen a therapist or councillor? Therapists and councillors can be extremely helpful when it comes to solving problems like these. I'd highly recommend seeing someone. You don't have to pretend to be okay all the time. It is okay to be weak when you can't be strong anymore but then it is important to be strong again. Please talk to people in your life and if you feel it's not enough reach out until it is. You'll pull through I believe you can.

Hi Pickmyname

Sorry to learn that you are having a tough time at the moment.

Your post mentions the word fight or fighting 5 times. You are fighting the symptoms of anxiety because you fear them. This is the single reason why anxiety is hanging around because it thrives and feeds off you trying to fight to get rid of the anxious thoughts and feelings. Effectively, you are pouring petrol on a fire in the hope that it will put the fire out.

Instead of fighting, recovery will follow if you practice letting go and going with the flow of all the emotions and accepting everything that anxiety is throwing at you. Roll with the punches and let your mind and body do what it wants to do. It may feel uncomfortable but nothing bad will happen to you because the symptoms are completely harmless and just excessive adrenalin being pumped around your body by an over sensitised fear/flight response due to stress of a number of stressors that have occurred.

Understanding why you feel the way you do will help to remove the fear that drives the anxiety and the first step to recovery. Knowing what to expect makes it easier to accept what is happening to you and why and the key to recovery because you start to give your tired mind and body the space it needs to recover just as nature intends. At the moment, you are trying to fix a problem (anxiety) with another problem (anxious mind) and a battle you will not cannot possibly win. In other words you are fighting yourself, fighting something that is completely natural under the circumstances so you keep going round in circles tiring your mind and body even more.

Give up the fighting, stop trying to control your anxiety, stop searching for recovery and let recovery come to you. This is the way to full recovery.



I said the same thing in the beginning ... if your family & friends don't have these issues chances are they won't understand no one does except those of us on here that live through it everyday . So no you are not alone or a freak . I call mine episodes idk what terms anyone else uses ; what happens in yours ?

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