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anxiety bad

hell all im new here,,found this post by googling .i have really bad anxiety .i get really dizzy when im anxious,its mainly when i leave the house,i get scared and worked up thinking what if im ill that it makes me ill so bad that i cant walk or even on nortripyline atm. im not sure if they working as certain shops i cant go in,,is there anything that will work for anxiety that has worked for people?

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Hi donna220, Welcome to the Anxiety Forum. You seem to have a bit of Agoraphobia but at least you can leave your house. The "what ifs" are keeping you in that anxious state. No medication can really give a 100% guarantee to take away anxiety. Sometimes meds and therapy are needed to help you get over a bump in the road but all in all it will be other alternatives which will work much better.

There are a lot of options for you that will turn your negative thoughts around. CBT will help give you that start to accept and push forward with your fears. There's relaxation, meditation and deep breathing which will allow the body and mind to quiet down. But it must be practiced daily in order to build up that stamina for you to go out with no fear. By being prepared you can use these tools to help you before the situation gets out of control. Worrying about what could happen will just keep your anxiety at a simmer. You want to get to the point where you can stop or eliminate the fear factor by just accepting that it is nothing harmful and that nothing bad will happen to you. Please follow the forum and you will learn what others do as well. Good Luck


thanks for getting back to me,i really thought it was just me who had this problem until i came to this site,,it was really bad then the anxiety and since having my baby 7 months has been really bad,i get so dizzy that i cant walk my speach is slurred and i cant even grip anything,if it was just the anxiety alone think i could cope but with the dizzy its really hard


Oh Donna I'm so sorry to hear you are struggling its so horrible and I so understand In my experience the only way to conquer it is to keep exposing yourself to the fear I know it's really awful but if you do it in baby steps it will get easier The shops you say you can't go in don't forget it's not the shop its your fear of it Go in look turn round and come out then repeat it spend a bit more time each time It's the only way I started in supermarkets by just going in getting a couple of things and working my way up to a trolley full

I have found deep breathing really helps Also the dizziness is the result of adrenaline rushing through your body and it won't harm you or make you faint or anything

Remember panic attacks have a limited time they go away once they have peaked

Set yourself a goal and do it slowly it will build up your confidence Go for a walk knowing you can return home whenever you want I always thought people were looking at me but they aren't most people are totally focused in themselves

Start today you can and will do it I promise and life can be happy again

Keeping a diary I found helped me too

We all understand on here so posting and getting support will help you feel you aren't alone with this

I'm taking Magnesium and finding that has helped me feel calmer

I know it might seem a little extreme but I have to use a stick for arthritis but I find it also really helps to keep me feel steady There are some really pretty ones you can buy I felt daft at first but now I never think of it I also find people are kinder and if I need to just sit no one cares

Wishing you loads and loads of luck start today and build it up Do you feel dizzy indoors? If you dont then let that comfort you that it's just anxiety and it can be overcome

Take it one step and day at a time xx


thanks for gettng back to me,,i just need to be calmer as i work myself up so much that the dizziness is unbearable,,it is only wen i go out i get panic,i cant do big shops yet as they scare me,,how does this magnesium work pls,im due to c my doctor to c if my nortripyline needs to be higher


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