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Need reasurance please headpressure and feeling unwell

Hey i know ive posted about this before but i need some reasurance my negative thinking always beats me i was wondering if any of you feel the same way i always have a wierd feeling like somthings wrong with my head i theres days thats i feel out of it and unwell i makes me have seconds thoughts ive had a mri 3 months ago evrything was good but its wierd because i sometimes feel so awful i convince my self something is wrong this anxiety or whatever has really gotten the best of me ive also been feeling down i dont know if im depressed aswell but im going through the hardest time in my life i something ask my self happend to me nothing is the same anymore i just wanted to know if any of you feel the same symptoms thats what worrys me the most because like i said i could be chilling then this horrible feeling comes and it even last a day or 2 and i think maybe somethings wrong with me im seeing a doc soon i just really miss old me i just want be feel normal again im just tired of that horrible feeling it makes me think its something more than axiety it really interfered with my life

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Hi jo I know exactly what you mean , anxiety is like a little demon in your head wanting you to feel like this and it makes you believe all the horrible thoughts and feelings ! you just take one day at a time , I'm not very good at this but I'll try to help if I can . take care x


I understand how you feel I also feel like there is something wrong with me and think horrible thoughts that I know arnt me then another day I will think carnt belove I thoight that


I get the head pressure too. It sucks but it passes. Don't feed into it. My theory is that it is stuck energy. Keep calm anyway possible. I struggle a lot too, but it helps me to distract myself, or even pretend It works for me.


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