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Can't cope

I am punching people away and I know it my mum bf kids just becouse iam so unhappy with my life I feel like a screwup I want to restart my life feel like this one whent horrible wrong if it was not for this unwanted thoughts anxity depression my life would have been lovely just want to go back in time to were I was happy I find it hard to cope its funny how u can start to do well and then your head messes up :( just want to cry and cry and cry I snap easily becouse iam unhappy and I hate it bing this way to them :( what my life back sick off this can't cope any more

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I feel the same, i feel asif im going insane because i cant get to the bottom of why i feel like i do. It really is the most awful thing i have ever been through! I just dont understand where my head is at because i cant think of anything worrying or unhappy or unstable in my life but yet i am full of fear and depression and anxious to the point my body goes into shock and i shake very bad for a good 10mins and i cant control it. Would love for it to go away but no matter what i do it stays there the constant battle in my head is so tiring


Hi ChezLock

You have outlined in your post the very reason why you feel as though you are going insane. You said you are constantly trying to get to the bottom of why you feel like you do but unwittingly, all this does is entrench you deeper into the clutches of your anxiety. what you are doing is waging a war with yourself and one you cannot possibly win because there is no battle to fight. To recover, give up the fight and accept all the thoughts and feelings without resisting, analysing, questioning etc etc.

To understand this further, pick up a book called Essential Help For Yor Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes and/or visit a website called Anxiety No More. Both of these provide more detail as to how a good understanding of anxiety and full acceptance of all the symptoms will lead you to recovery, naturally. Anxiety sufferers dig their own hole which is good because it means they also have it within themselves to get out of that same hole. You just need to know how to do it through acceptance instead of the constant fighting which gets you nowhere.

Feel free to read some of my posts on this website which are all about acceptance (letting go) which gives your mind and body the time and space it needs to recover. At the moment you are getting in the way of this natural healing process trying to figure it all out and worrying why you are still stuck. This is the same as trying to put out a fire with petrol/gasoline. If you step out of the way of yourself and allow yourself to be ok about not feeling ok and carry on with your day, you will recover but it does take time.

I'll leave you with the following quote I read on my road to recovery which sums it all up.

You won't get better until you stop trying to get better.

This is so true. Do the opposite of fighting it all and do nothing about it. It works.




Wow. Thankyou so much for that i am so glad you pointed that out to me uv just made me realise im making myself more ill by thinking about why i am ill. I am going to look into that as soon as i wake up in the morning. Thank you for taking time out to reply to me, your words have made me see this anxiety disorder in a diffrent light. Its all good and well my friends and family telling me its all going to be okay but getting suggestions and help from others on here is really enligtening. Thank you!!! All the best x cherelle

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You must leave the past behind and create your future with what you are doing now.

You current behaviour will shape your future, so you need to work on getting it better. Seeing your doctor, counselling, lifestyle, exercise, diet, achievement. It's all hard work and most of it has to come from you


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