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Adrenaline surges today... Friday after work... thoughts?

I suffered through the work week with high levels of stress but got through (I'm a teacher). In the back of my mind, I was thinking 'I can't wait until the weekend, but I bet my anxiety will screw it up'. Sure enough, the moment I get home and lie down after work today FINALLY able to relax, I get three adrenaline surges rising up through my chest, flowing out to my arms and making me tingly/weird all over. It seems it builds and builds and finally releases WHEN I finally 'relax!'

Thinking back now, several of my panic attacks have happened on Fridays after a long work week.

I really thought my Zoloft was working but these past three weeks have been back to hell.

Another doctor appointment is in order!

Any thoughts on these adrenaline surges? Anyone else get them and have you noticed a pattern?

Hope you are all having a better day,


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Hi Amy,

I have friends who are just starting teaching and they all say it is unbelievable stress and extremely hard, so credit to you for having such a challenging job! AND with anxiety? You super woman!

With such a full on stressful job, the stress is probably all catching up with you when it comes to the weekend. At work your mind is distracted and you're kept busy, but come the weekend your mind is free to wander and the whole week just catches up with you. This sounds pretty normal to me!

Maybe each evening in the week try relaxation techniques so the build up of stress isn't overwhelming for when it comes to the weekend? There's a lot of great apps out there, even if you spend 15 mins listening to some calming music and close your eyes, or apps with breathing exercises. You can also look into Mindfulness. I have a book on it that comes with a CD to listen to, and just practice relaxing each day!

See what the doctor has to say, but try and find as much time as you can to relax, you deserve it! :) Wishing you all the luck in the world!


I am a teacher and weekends can be hell. We keep it sooooo together with unlimited patience each weekday, and we go a million miles an hour. When outside stresses add to our school stress, we fill up with anxiety like a balloon filling with helium and then we float into a panic attack. I am starting to do yoga everyday after school, not be so nice (say NO when I need to, tell people if they hurt my feelings, etc.) eat right, and work on all of my negative thinking.

Keep up the good work and remember we HAVE TO QUIT BEING PERFECT. Perfection is overrated. It's OK to be human and hurt, cry, scream, and have bad days.


I literally just posted about this feeling like I'm being zapped or somethings.. Mine occur 2-3 hrs after falling sleep . I think we are talking about the same thing . I wake up it's hard to breathe , my heart feels fast I'm kinda shaky and I have a hard time going back to sleep . Mine started about 2 weeks ago . Never had this part of anxiety ... They can have it back because it's horrible


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