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On and off anxiety

Hey every one i was having a ok week till today i started feeling wierd again like i used too i dont know if its anxiety just testing me because i was doing alright and i was on the road of feeling normal again till today i try not to focus on it and ignore and i try distracting my self but the feeling is so overwhelming any one feel the same way

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Hi Joe3344. Of course! What you are experiencing is totally normal. It's natural to have good days and then some bad spells. Unfortunately that is what can happen, and it's not down to anything you're doing wrong (figuratively speaking). The best action to take is to keep going. Try your hardest not to let it stop you from going out and doing what you usually do, even if it's hard! Avoidance is the worst thing you can do. Keep facing situations that you find difficult and day by day they become easier until you end up back on a good streak again.

Try and keep a positive mind. Think of this as a blip. That's all it is. Just a little blip! You won't feel like this forever. Blips are good, they test how strong you are, and you're a very strong person! You've got this :)


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