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Sudden Anxiety now all the time

Hi guys, I am hoping that you can help me. A couple a months a go i had a panic attack that was so terrible i thought i was going insane. It lasted all night. The day after all of this happened my mother took me to two hospital with doctors just telling me that its anxiety and that i have to learn how to deal with it. My doctor prescribed me Lexpro. Which has been helping me its only 5mm. But sometimes at night i get anxiety again. i am so afraid that this is going to happen to me again. Which scares me so much! I just want to be normal but i can’t help my brain from going to scary thoughts. I have spoke to therapist but I’ve stopped going because i hate talking about my problems.

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Hi sgalluzzo1, I'm on Lexapro as well but it still takes more than a pill to overcome the scary thoughts. Talking to a therapist has a lot of good aspects to it in that you can learn a lot about your fears, thoughts, anxiety as well as learn how to turn those thoughts away.

I feel that anxiety is like being an alcoholic, one bad thought proceeds another until you are caught up in a major panic attack. The thing is to stop the thought before it escalates. You do this by reverting your mind to something else or accepting that it is not life threatening and let it run it's course.

The power is in our hands and how you choose to handle anxiety. Good Luck


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