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This is insane

So today was my day off work chilled out had a pretty stressful time at work lately so I just kicked back watched some tv

I felt fine all day bit of neck tension but I'm used to it but then after getting up to go do some mechanical work on my car (which is something I enjoy being my hobby)then out of the blue I started getting dizzy I ignored it because once again it's something I'm used of but then I started having a feeling that I was in another dimension it was weird almost like the thing I focused on arent actually there.

Sounds crazy I know but i normally tackle my symptoms pretty well and manage to calm myself before it turns into a panic attack but this time it failed and I went and laid down on my bed and my heart was racing and pounding my body was tingling and I was fighting a war against myself... i slept for an hour and woke up okay

Excuse the rant it is good just to vent and see if anyone else can relate it's nice to know you're not alone I just don't get why this hit me out of nowhere

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No its not insane. This type of dissociation symptom is very common and given your history of anxiety is something to not worry about. Worrying and writing about these sort of things increases your symptoms and anxiety

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