Well today I woke up took my son to school I felt okay not too bad but I did wake up at 3 in the morning feeling scared I woke up scared and then I went back to sleep butt I cleaned and then I just started feeling woozy and dizzy my heart started beating really fast though took my blood pressure and it was like 82 or 56 I don't know why it Sparks their own every time it's parked down I feel sick now my left arm is hurting I wanna put some monkey paw wanted its help in a bit but it's crazy how I feel I feel sick trying to eat something I took my vitamins and my iron pills my heart bill aspirin I just don't know what to do anymore I'm afraid to do anything now and it sucks I think I'm getting depressed now somehow and want to be so happy because I am but everytime I get excited it's just doesn't feel good


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  • I completely understand where the "I wanna feel happy and excited and I get it but it doesn't feel good" is coming from.its your anxiety telling you it isn't ok to feel good I am your anxiety you have to feel how I feel instead of you saying no screw you anxiety I'm gonna feel happy and I'm gonna feel great and get through this ! It's so hard but be proud of yourself you had a semi happy moments today and worked through some too. Don't constantly check your blood pressure it'll make your anxiety go up. Understand your blood pressure goes up and focus on the seconds focus on what you do what you pick up what you smell what you feel.focus on the fact you are typing right are sitting down is bright outside ...your son is off to school..the house smells clean ..the sun feels warm. Focus on the seconds on the time and it'll help divert that high anxiety and make you remember the moment itself . I totally get the I feel excited but it doesn't feel right. In a sense you feel like you don't deserve to be excited you don't deserve to feel the goodness of life and the happiness of everyday because anxiety tells you no ..but remember anxiety is a thought nothing more and you control your feelings if anxiety tries to come into your feelings say outloud "f you anxiety you will not control me I am in control and I am strong and I will overcome you" even though it seems weird it can help!

  • I know yes but my anxiety dont make my heart go fast it feels like its going slow for some reason ?

  • Anxiety can have different affects on different people. It can make some become super drowsy and depressed and feel lethargic and blah and others with super high energy can increase it and make their mind rush and hearts palpitate. Remember not everyone has the same makeup in their body and mind. Your body responds to anxiety differently from the next person and the next. You will have some similarities but to calm your mind is what you are looking at doing.

  • Yes i knoe its crazy how every one isndifferrnt

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