persistent anxiety

Does anyone else find that when the trigger of their anxiety is no longer an issue that the anxiety persists but you do not know what is causing this anxiety anymore? The event that was worrying me took place today and the result was in my favour - I should be celebrating but the butterflies and tight chest remain. I have gone through this before and the anxiety lasted for months, despite there being no reason to be anxious some of the time. Tonight I should be celebrating but I am not.

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  • Hello Sleepypuss

    I have been there before from my experience I've put it down to an aftermath of stress like a build up of aniexty so takes a while to settle down. I'm no doctor but I've had aniexty and depression for so long I've think I've learnt certain things along the way. For example when the aniexty does settle I'm left feeling exhausted and deflated or depressed. What I try to do is ride the storm as I say and let it pass then have something nice planned this week that you enjoy. Lesser the blow!! I hope you will be feeling better soon

    Take Care