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In the middle of the night

Does anyone ever get stuck in a repetitive loop of negative unwanted thoughts during a panic attack ? It feels like nothing is real and you feel like you are floating through a dreamy reality but at the same time very you are hyper aware of what is happening. And there is just this overarching feeling of doom like something is pinning you down or suffocating you. When I was young when I got high fevers I would sometimes have night terrors and wake up sweating, pace around very delusional feeling like I was going to die or that something was trying to kill me. I feel like I have some PTSD from that and sometimes when I am stuck in a thought loop I get into a similar irrational/ delusional mode as when I got those fever nightmares. It's not the same but I feel mimicking symptoms, mostly like I'm losing a grip on reality or trapped in a nightmare. I usually only get it like this when I'm very sleep deprived, wake up in the middle of the night or when I feel like I'm getting sick. Am I alone in this? This feeling of losing grip on reality freaks me out.

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Your not alone! I feel the same way during the night. Some days I feel like I'm a walking zombie. :/ it sucks. I just experienced this last night. I was so sleep deprived, a lot of negative thoughts just kept filling my head making me panic & not feel well.. Not sure how to get out of this nightmare..


I totally get you. Those intrusive, negative thoughts consume me with every symptom or sensation and I agree that I may be delusional too because I have been sleep deprived foe months now. I feel like a zombie and my brain feels so strained and I'm so exhausted. I hVe never felt this strained and my mind I can't control the thoughts nor do I even have the energy to fight the symptoms. It has consumed my life. But I hope I can get some sleep again maybe it will take away the headaches dizziness the head pressure and the bad thoughts.


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