Chest hurts from anxiety or is it a heart problem!!??

Every since I lost my mother a week ago I've been stressed out & getting barley sleep & ive been having anxiety!! , I started to notice that my chest been hurting on my left side where my heart is .. kinda above my breast & under my collarbone area ' kinda feels like persure & feels like I gotta breath in & out . I seen a doctor & he told me it was anxiety!? . Has anyone else had this before? What seem to help?

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  • I am so sorry for your loss u are under severe stress right now loosing your mom i think its anxiety causing it. If it makes u feel better have some test done and once again im so sorry for your loss prayers are with you at this time.

  • Thank you , I'm trying to stay positive because I have a little one & im scared I've been so stressed out that I did something to my heart that's why I hate over thinking cause it causing my anxiety to come in

  • Hi Briannafaye1, I am so very sorry about the loss of your mother. Nothing is as heart wrenching as the loss of a parent. I have had what you are explaining in the same location. If your doctor said it's anxiety, trust in him. It sounds like a broken heart over your loss. Time will help you heal, not forget, but heal. Meanwhile it might help to see a therapist regarding "grieving" or read books on the grieving process. I think you will find you are not alone. We all grieve at one time or another, in our own way. x

  • Thank you so much💕 Means a lot , do you mind me asking how was your pain? And how long did it last ?

  • Mine was more like a quivering feeling just below the left collarbone. I knew it wasn't my heart per se but the arteries that were so over stimulated that they quivered, almost like a pressure feeling. Very unpleasant.

  • Yes mine too kinda like someone pushed on it or something, how long did yours last?

  • Overthinking sucks i do that alot of times too how are you feeling now?

  • Trying my best to not think of it , thank you

  • No problem

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