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I could feel and hear wierd noise in head

Hey everyone i was wondering if any of you ever felt or hear like a clicking sound kinda like in the lower part of back of the head and neck area the best way to put it is like pop rocks candy sound or kinda like if you open a soda and hear like the bubbleing if any of you have a clue or maybe know please leave your suggetions and comments it kinda worrying

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Hi Joe3344, I know exactly what you are talking about. Pop Rocks Candy sound is a good description. I also get at times, a static sound coming from that same area in the back of my head that goes into both ears. I don't worry about it. It's short lived if ignored. Hope that helps.


I'm just wondering if it can be something serious causing it


For me Joe, I have a lot of disc problems in my neck from years of stress and anxiety and that is what is making that noise whenever I move. It's always best to let your doctor take a look and see what's going on. Good Luck..


Yea thanks to me it just happens in the morning when im laying down when i wake up from sleep or sometimes in the day

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I get that too --I definitely think it could be linked to stress and overthinking



I have that and had an Mri scan showing it was the discs in my neck. I have seen a physio and do exercises for it. see your gp if you are worried.


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