I keep getting horrible unwell sensations

I keep getting horrible sensations like im ill but i dont know of what it feels really bad and i feel like ignoring it its so bad i always feel like that no matter what i do i try to get my mind of it but it feels so bad i know ive already posted about this but i just dont see how anxiety can make me feel so horrible and i keep thinking its not anxiety i dont have heart palpatations or shortnes of breath wich is why i dont believe its panic attacks or anxiety ive been to the er alot these past 2 months and i keep thinking they dont care of dont find out whats causeing me to feel bad it feels like im dying its how bad it is im just fed up ive tried so many this to help to changing my diet and living a healthier lifestyle i dont know if any of you really understand how i feel


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  • Oh Joe, we more than understand what you are talking about and how you are feeling. More than it being panic or anxiety, it sounds more like depression now. Depressed because you don't believe the doctors, your life has been turned upside down and you are literally sick of it. Depression can make you feel ill everyday. You feel hopeless in that you will never feel good again. You are ill but it's not a physical illness. It comes from chemicals in your brain making you feel this way. Sometimes we get to a point in our "illness" that we need outside help. A good therapist and yes even being put on an SSRI (antidepressant) for a short time. This will help in turning around the bad feelings while you work on getting yourself together again. It's a slow process but well worth the end reward Joe. I hope you look for some alternatives, you are not doing this to yourself. You need a mind change and things will start looking up for you again. Feeling sick will go away. Take care and good luck.

  • I want to get rid of this anxiety fast

  • I understand you, it feels horrible I know.

  • Seeking talking therapy to help you get to the cause of your possible depression and doing things you love, provided they are healthy, will help you feel better.

  • Yea ive done therapy and took meds both didnt seem to help well therapy did just a bit the meds made me feel worst there really nothing in life thats causing me to make me stressed enough to feel this way except the fact i just think something serious is causing all this and its been going on already for 3 months

  • Hi Joe, Can you tell me more specifically what your symptoms are?

  • I dont usaully get sympotms but when i do i get headaches and i always get this really bad unwell feeling like faint kinda all the time theres times it so bad i feel like ima bout to die or the end is near its scary

  • I find that a magnesium supplement can help with that, such as magnesium malate. Some of the mags can cause tummy troubles, but that one seems good for that, and helps with headaches for me.

  • Ima try and see if it helps you said magnesuim malate? right

  • i have been taking magnesium glycinate and i think it helps.

  • Hi. I was wondering with your headaches are they dull, sharp, all I'm one spot or different areas because I'm dealing with the same scare. I've began to hAve headaches more often. And dizziness too and I feel like I'm about to faint times. How's your sleep?

  • When i do get headaches its kind of like pressure headaches also i just always feel unwell like disoriented like somethimgs not right in my head its wierd i had a mri in august wich everythings okay all this started in july and i still feel bad till this day

  • I can imagine what you mean. I get pressure headaches too. Ear pressure and ringing ears

  • Thank you very much

  • Yup. Magnesium malate. Magnesium is good for lots of things. Good luck to you

  • Thank you

  • Hello there I feel the same way this sucks and it's very big stress on your shoulders because the things you want to do can't do it now because you feel so sick all you want to do is be in bed I feel helpless myself I don't know what's causing it but I am scared Miami time I just basically leave it in God's hands but I did tell my mom if anything happens to me in life and she still here just to my doctor book to say not to take it seriously but they want so much money to be paid for doctors get so much money but they don't give a crap about how we feel it's the new generation of doctors the younger ones the older ones were the ones that used to help us that's all I said I used to be an active person I used to want to do things to play with the kids not to the point where to my kids want me to feel good and it's just bad like I'm feeling sick as I speak right now I was just wondering what is another my doctor I don't have one it's even more stress on me I hope all is well I hope you can find the problem out so that you can feel better just like my mom always says we're living in hell once it's our time to go then we'll be in heaven and I truly believe that I tell myself I'm not going to die my kids are the ones that are pushing me to go forward and think positive things if it wasn't for them I don't know where I would be right now and I hope you feel better I know exactly what you mean I thought I was the only one going to that kind of stuff but I'm not alone have a good day

  • I know exactly how you feel. It's so emotional going through it. And like you, I have kids. I use to be so active. Always on the go busy with my duties of being mom, plus I was working (quit due to anxiety), was trying to finish school for my degree, exercising 3 times a week. But this has really changed my life completely to where I'm not even happy enough. Hardly have good energy. Nothing but stress. I know what you mean. I pray so much and ask God to guide me. And yes I say so much how if it wasn't for my kids i don't know what things will be for me. And I want to be here for them living happy and stress free.

  • The devil is real and is really trying to attack us through anxiety.

  • Yes its horriable no matter what we doit gets worse i mean ny life could be worse but its really not its rhe sick sensation is what makes me stop me doing my duties it sucks it can take alot out on a person body phyiscally and emotionally i tell my mom all the time but she thinks im going koo koo lol not at all lol i get scared to die my father passed from a heart attack and im afraid to die .. he was 54 he wasnt fat either ....my mom said my dad use to get anxiety that he would get out the car while she was driving weird i know last year my anxiety was like that im just scared 😕

  • Oh wow that is scary. My anxiety is just to a point I constantly worry and am afraid if every thing I feel and it has interrupted my sleep badly. I feel dizzy more, vision is wierd. It's really git me in a different mindset that I can't focus at all. Have you had sleep issues and did you take meds to help?

  • I had all kinds of anxiety last year my heart will go super fast out of no where to felt like my heart was slowing down i had to pull over to call ambulance it was bad now its like i feel sick anxious chest pain my heart feels like its going lower and blood pressure . i did have anxirty pills kilpoine and anither depressent pill i stoped taking it made it worse and sleep all day they prescribe it after i lost the baby in may i still have sleeping problems always tired

  • I was prescribed sleeping pills but I'm too afraid to take it. But now I'm to a point I almost feel I have no choice but to take some kind of sleep aid or sleep pills because I am truly sleep deprived. And I'm damn near delirious because of it. But I hope to find like a natural or organic sleep aid instead of taking prescribed sleep pills. I was gonna just try Nyquil to see if it will help. I don't know. But my anxiety just has me thinking the worst and I cry so much. Every little thing I feel I'm nervous.

  • There is teas i use to drink siete asares in spanish its natural i use to drink it because i couldnt sleep it relaxes u

  • Me too. Same

  • Ya me too. It is horrible

  • I rather have depression than anxiety

  • Very true. We need to move closer to God and hear His truths. ❤😇I notice my anxiety flares up badly when I get angry with God and my faith grows as small as a mustard seed, but even with that tiny bit of faith we can win the fight!

  • Yes I know exactly what you mean. 😩

  • Thank you for understanding

  • Hey guys yea idk whats wrong with me and i dont feel healthy like i used too but every one tells me its anxiety and im just had it with them saying it anxiety when i feel so bad at time like im not even anxious i just feel awful but my sleep has been messed up too theres time i cant get sleep and theres time when i do i feel like i didnt even get rest even tho i slept alot also theres times i feel like i hold my breath or somethings off with my breathing while asleep i did have a sleep study and they said it i got mild sleep apnea witch is wierd because i thought it was anxiety

  • I hold my breath too! We don't know we do it either. I also hold my breath during the day so I been practicing breathing slower, also cover your mouth fully with your hand and breath slow through your nose...helps the headaches go away. It feels scary at first but try it, surprisingly it works! Also practice breathing exercises at night and pray for protection. Open your bible to the book of James or Psalms and even hug it on your chest, I do it. Hey at this point I am willing to do anything positive instead of feed the fire. Let's start saying WE CAN beat this. Trust me I have terrible days, too many, but I keep going and I refuse the negitive throughts as soon as they come. Best of luck. It WILL get better. 😚🙄

  • Ya me too.

  • Me too

  • Can you help me please

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