Can anxiety really make you feel so bad

Hey all im still having a hard time weather anxiety is the cause lately i always feel sick and i get this horrible unwell feeling like if my brain is going to shut down or if im going to die everytime it happens which is everyday all day ive had a head mri and came back normal but i dont feel normal i feel like it missed something i keep thinking i got a tumor or a bleeding brain or something serious that how bad it is also my sleep is been not good i feel like i forget to breath while asleep sometimes and wake up like i didnt get rest when i sleep up to 8hrs there is days where i feel somewhat ok but it like one day a week and if im lucky sometimes the whole day i feel ok its really starting to worry me i know anxiety can cause millions of problems but i feel like its not anxiety related


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  • I hope all is well i really do keep ur head up and faith im the same way but with my body organs and chest pain on and off it sucks whybdoes it do this i always ask it sucks and drs cant do nothing about it but precribe us with meds that makes us feel worse or emotions mad sad irrated or suicidal . Hang in there friend ...the lord is with us ....sometimes i ask my self how do i get threw the day ? But we do. I hope u feel better are u taking any meds if u dont mind me asking?

  • Thanks i really apreciate theres just times i lose hope and its hard but im not giving up but yes i was my doctor perscribed me with celexa because he thinks its just anxiety and depression i took it for almost 4 week hoping it would help and made me 10x worse and got off them i dont feel normal but way better when i was on meds anxiety was over the roof how about you what your expirence with meds

  • My meds was kalprphram and theres another one it me sleepy i have two kids i felt bad because it knocked me out and they werr playing by them selfs felt so light headed and felt like crying screaming it was horriable so i stoped my heart felt like it was about to pop out it was bad im good with out it . They also gave me a depression pill i have to check and see what it is called

  • Sometimes meds make it worse to me but theres people that meds helps them i thinks they make everything worse i sometimes exercise and started eating healthier but nothing seems to work i always feel off like i need to find whats causing it to feel normal again sometimes I feel okay for like half of the day and then out of nowhere boom this unwell feeling comes over me and it's really frustrating not knowing what's causing it

  • Ya inknow where u coming from a friend of mine felt sick but not because of anxiety .... she started feeling sick because she was allergic to certain foods and it reacted over her body so they put her to sleep and put the camera down her throat to check and see and come in to find out the truth was I couldn't eat any food with gluten in them whatever gluten means but I seen a few ingredients this is gluten-free or drinks gluten free she told me to get that checked out maybe that's what's causing it but I don't know it's crazy how people's bodies can react to a lot of things that we put into our bodies eating drinking even if we go on a diet that doesn't even help trust me I know they tell me to stay from greasy food spicy food because my acid reflux and I just can't live without it I mean I don't eat as much spicy food as I used to but I cut down on a lot but even they like to eat vegetables and everything else it still doesn't help or make it any better! I really like this a website that we can really relate to a lot of people and to share their experience like as you and myself have similarities vicious only if we could only get really good answers and no one can really give us that they always say back in time that people with anxiety face smoke marijuana and that was the cure for it I mean I've smoked quite a few I mean not like a pothead but I take a hit or two and I'll feel a lot better but sometimes when it's really bad I'll make it super make it worse but it all depends on the weave itself if it has a lot of HTC or the other one is but yeah so how are you feeling now?

  • Hi Joe, Read what I wrote to Shlbell I don't want to write it all again. I think you can trust the MRI . If you had a problem with your brain your speech would be affected, your motor skills, it would show up in a more serious way. I have the sleep issue too, it's anxiety and eventually will go away ,but to calm yourself mention it to your Dr. The bad part of anxiety is no on ever believes its what they have. Believe it. Pam

  • Yea its kind of hard to believe its anxiety when i feel disoriented and my head feels odd but ima gonna trust the mri hope its not something thats gonna end up killing me after wich it feels like it im just had it feeling this way and i want to feel normal again there times i do then i feel awful just right when i do feel ok like its just a tease its frustrating

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