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Discovery of how bad of anxiety I have through this ...... 😔

I found out that I have serious anxiety. I'm at uni but my campus is based at a college.

I've been having a lot of problems this yet due to one of the lecturers which has caused me since August to have nothing but really bad anxiety which has made me I'll

Not being able to sleep and waking up every day early mornings and just upset caused by him. Yes it's a him.

It's so bad as he is that I've stopped going in to his classes because I don't want to attend them as he is disgusting and disrespectful and his behaviour after knowing that a complaint was put against him hasn't changed, he made me feel that he is a dirty man and the people that have said that they want to make my student experience safe have failed as one of them shot all my feelings down and made me feel that I have to be uncomfortable due to him after repeating several times to him that he made and makes me uncomfortable. The situation has made me sad knowing that I'm alone apart from a friends who has been there for me so j speak to her. I've been to meetings and taken her with me as I don't trust these lecturers on the count of them all sticking together. The lecturer gives me dirty looks whom I have made a complaint against as his actions caused me to be humiliated in the worst way and this tutor made me upset in the worst way which is horrendous and so upsetting that a tutor could possible do such a thing. Past year he did such bad things and the tutors made me feel like he could and now he feels he's got a way with it. The other tutor has given me nothing but a cold shoulder and he taught me for 2 years.

They picked a side and showed me which is so upsetting. I've struggled so much through this and suffered high anxiety which has made me I'll, their behaviour frightened me, they made me feel that I have no choice but I'm sticking to my principles but it is so difficult knowing that they are lol together and I alone

One of the tutors when I tell him talk over me and make me feel that I'm doing wrong and that I'm lying when I'm not and they feel this way because they've seen something else and I something else due to him

As if he is living 2 lives

So I have struggled so much and having anxiety in top of that and I'm also dislexic which he has made me feel that being dislexic is wrong

I have dislexia so due to that I suffer from visual stress syndrome so when I'm suffering from anxiety and upset I actually have realised and got to know recently that I can't see clearly and this is when I'm reading a book and the words in a sentence shake so badly that once they scrolled left of the page and my friend told me that my dislexia gets worse when anxiety strikes

It's really difficult and I still have anxiety although I have said I'm not going in to his class but I know he's glad because so that he didn't have to help me he behaved in such a way and when he did he called my work his and said he did my work knowing full well and being told that I need help as I struggle so much due to being dislexic

But I have decided that because I'm a film student he will not be seeing my film

He is a man child and a very dirty man and he is the sort who doesn't care because he used the word I'm not bothered lot which I don't know that's why he did such things

He will also be saying that I didn't help her and now I get to see her film

He is awful of a person there are no words to describe how he has made me feel

I feel sick to the stomach when I hear him or when I see him that I just look away from him and turn away from him

He has done the same but yet he is the one that caused problem. I have been to the GP because his bahviour towards me has caused me to be ill that I burst in to tears and I can't breath which makes me cry some more despite trying not to let it get to me and then being told on top of that That I suffer from high anxiety that it's extreme and struggling severely

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