Anxiety over vomiting?

I'm wondering if anyone's issues started after a bout of gastro or "stomach flu"? Early august I was at work and suddenly felt icky in my stomach, by 5pm I was vomiting so I went home. When I got home the vomiiitng continued followed by dihorrea.

The home doctor came out and gave me medication to stop the vomiting. I thought everything was settled and returned to work 2 :days later only to be hit by a wave of severe nausea. This has happened every single day for the last 9 weeks now. Nausea so bad that I've considered suicide. I've lost 11kg in this time.

I'm not sure if it's coincidental, but my anxiety has been through the roof as I am not good with vomiting on a normal day. I had to quit my job today and cancel an overseas trip to America with my boyfriend which we We're due to go on in 2 weeks.

Alongside the nausea I am getting intermittent bloating, gas and my lower abdominal area is making strange noises.

I am also belching and sometimes have a burning feeling at the back of my throat (made worse when taking the PPI somac).

I have had blood tests including celiac and h pylori, - negative

Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound normal

Endoscopy - mild chronic gastritis ( not enough to be causing the symptoms)

Gastric emptying test - normal

HIDA scan - functioning at 62%

Urine and stool tests (for parasites) - normal.

I am currently at a loss as my life has turned upside down from this mystery illness. Some may argue that it's anxiety but I've had anxiety since I was 8 years old and never had this symptom with it. It feels like my stomach is at war with itself.

I've taken somac 40mg for 2 weeks and Xanax .25mg also with no effect. Doctor doesn't want to put me on ssri's as this can cause more nausea (?)

If anyone has any information regarding post gastro stomach issues please let me know. I'm completely desperate for answers!


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5 Replies

  • Hello, firstly, I am so sorry you feel so terrible, anxiety is just the pits :-(. Mine has currently flared because I'm physically ill and it's horrendous. But I just wanted to say that 4 years ago I had something very similar to you and completely lost my appetite, had various pains and was belching all the time. Paid privately for an urgent endoscopy and saw a gastro dr. I was convinced something serious was wrong because yes, I'd had anxiety before but this was definitely different - very physical. They found nothing wrong except excess stomach acid and put me on Omeprazole. I had a long chat with the dr about stomach problems and emotions and he said the two are hugely intertwined and that he sees so many similar cases - nothing serious wrong but people get so distressed and anxious that the problem can remain - a vicious circle. I hope that's a bit reassuring? I got better (the medical explanation helped along with the omeprazole which settled my stomach).

    It's so hard not to catastrophise. I'm trying my best not to do it for my current issues! But please take some heart from this and I really hope things settle down for you .

  • Thank you so much for your reply!

    I know anxiety is a hue factor in all of this, if not the cause. It just feels SO real and unlike anything I've ever experienced. I'm to start taking medication soon (lexapro) so maybe that might settle things for me. I was on the same antacid as you but stopped after 2 weeks of no improvement.

    I think this gastro/stomach bug triggered a huge phobia of vomiting for me and my symptoms may be psychosomatic. I am also suspicious that I have developed some sort of food intolerances.

    How long did it take for the nausea to subside completely? Did you take any other medications? All anti-nausea pills haven't worked for me at all.

    Thanks again for your reply as I'm really struggling with everything.

    Dita. X

  • Oh Dita, it's rubbish isn't it? I was told 2 weeks not long enough for omeprazole to work - it needed to build up in your system to become effective - I think I felt better about a month after taking it. I was also on Fluoxetine (long standing). The only thing I could do was try and distract myself (I was endlessly Googling my symptoms) , remind myself that I'd had all the tests done and they'd come back clear, and tell myself this is just another manifestation of anxiety; that although it's horrible, I will survive it and it will pass. I have had good therapy in the past too - CBT but it was the therapeutic relationship that helped the most. Have you been to see a gastroenterologist? I ended up paying to see one, such was my anxiety, and he was great at saying yes, your symptoms aren't 'imagined' - they are real, but they are related to stress, even if they didn't initially feel like it....

  • I have had the same symptom as you since I was 17 now 60 ! I get myself in such a state over this , the more I worry the worse my symptoms present themselves . Admit to yourself you are not going to die from it, Sounds like a classic IBS bloating wind ,Gastric problems needing to run to toilet &a unless I can get there straight away ::::::: it to late. :::::::::: I have 8 caps daily, and antisickness tabs as needed ask your GP. I have Gastric reflux more tablets & advanced Gaviscon,in short go back to your GP and ask to start all over again, Anixety hit all of us in different was ways &I you just have to learn how to live your life , if you can't get cured then admit this to yourself & start living with this ugly thing in your life . You can do it.

    I hope you have seen a Gastroenterlogist if not ask why not . Stay safe , be Strong .X

  • I particularly remember my GP thinking it was anxiety and feeling annoyed because it was extremely physical and I'd never experienced it before. I felt once you've got anxiety on your records it's easy to attribute everything to it! I felt like you that it was just so physical it had to be an illness/ condition.

    But it was anxiety! Just not in a way I'd experienced before. 😖.

    And nausea is such a common and 'up front' anxiety symptom. The more you worry about it the more sick you feel 😱

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