Is it anxiety or a illness

Hey everyone i been going trough a rough time period of my life this all started 3months ago when i fainted eversince then i always been feeling like something is wrong with me i always have this overwhelming horrible unwell feeling almost like if im dying ive seen my doctor and ran a bunch of tests and said it was just anxiety wich im having a hard time believeing because i dont get panic attack like the palpatations or shortness of breath but instead i get this intense unwell feeling all the time some days worst than other ive never had a good day since i keep thinking something is seriously is wrong with me it really took over my life just wondering if any of you going trough the same situation please feel free to leave some advise


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21 Replies

  • Hi Joe. I'm sorry you're experiencing this. I too had a bad experience with my health a few months ago that sparked what would become one of the most depressing battles of my life.

    I have more symptoms than I can remember, much-less note. A few are:

    Tingling/burning feet, headaches, vision problems, flutters in my abdomen, loss of strength in my limbs, excessive sweating, low heat tolerance, ringing in the ears, mood swings, inability to lay on my left side, back pains, pain behind my eyes, the feeling of bugs under the skin...the list goes on.

    I've been seen by 1 neurologist, 2 ENT'S, 2 GP'S, 1 urgent care center, one emergency room and have had blood tests, MRI and CT scans done only to reveal little to no information relative to my symptoms. While a number of things have been suspected (Lupus, RA, MS), nothing has been confirmed through testing. Anxiety has not been mentioned and I would have a true meltdown if anyone dare suggest it. It would appear that a solution or relief just isn't in the cards for me yet.

    It can be really difficult to remain positive when your health is in question and no one is quickly able to provide answers.

    Advice: Be your best advocate. Research (minus the self diagnosis) to see If you're able to make suggestions to your doctors about possible causes. If you don't have a good support system in place at home, being a part of a community like this one is mandatory; the road ahead may be rough and traveling alone is terrifying. Be extra kind to yourself during this time. People around you may not be sensitive to your situation even if they're aware of it.

    Know that you're not alone, fellow sufferer! Don't give up or in. Meanwhile, lead as healthy of a life as you can. I hope you're able to find the culprit soon.

  • Thanks and you are right staying positive is very hard while health is in question but i just want to feel normal and good like i used too

  • I feel the exact same way. I'm very eager to get back to life as I once knew it too. I've learned that the more I work with my symptoms and try different things, like better nutriton and exercise, to see if they help (and a lot of them do), the more I'm able to accept my new baseline health wise. It's not easy but neither is calculus (smile Joe). If you're not already trying a more beneficial diet and working out, do so. I once cringed when people told me that until I tried it. Keep a log of your efforts and how you feel as you progress. After three weeks, look back, see how you've done and how you feel. Sending lots of positivity your way.

  • Thanks there is time when i feel ok and i tell my self wow i cant believe im letting control me then i tell myself maybe it is just anxiety but then as soon as i think i feel normal or if i try and do something about it boom this horrible overwhelming feeling comes over me and send me back into that wierd state of mind idk if its just my mind creating it bcus through the whole time instead of doing something about it i was letting it my mind probably adjusted to the feeling and maybe i just gotta retrain my mind back to positive thinking beacuse also i did think i had some illness that could kill me and that was causing all this

  • I get the same way but my anxiety use to be panic attacks fast heart rate but now i feel sick all the time life if my blood pressure is low or something its weird ....ive tried tellimg my family and dr now my dr refuses to help me or see me for some odd reason or maybe because i missed one appointment it sucks! I feel miserable but if u sick try some ginger tea it will help i hope all is well

  • Same here i always feel likey pressure is low but it isnt and isntead of panic attacks i get these unwell wierd sensations i do worry alot and always think the worst

  • Joe3344 im the same way too what could it be i hate it i smoke weed and helps alil idk what to do either i thought i was going crazy im glad that some one else has the sythoms i mean not glad but i hope we both can feel better soon this is horriable i rather be hung over every day then this lol

  • Yea im always thinking what is causing this horrible feeling maybe my mind and body got used to make me feel like that which is not cool i felt normal not so long ago

  • Ya it sucks and we ask why but still no answrs 😑

  • Yep. I never know whether i'm dying or it's related to anxiety.

  • Yea its hard believing anxiety can make you feel so awful and i hope it is just anxiety

  • I feel your pain. I survive EVERY time, so I am now starting to TRY my best to be more brave. Doesn't always work, but I am trying more than before. I figure if I am still here and all these doctors and ER people keep giving me the same news...good news, then I need to convince myself of it! Why is it so hard?! I wish you the best.

  • Hey there i apreciate you guys looking out kinda helps knowing im not alone but yea ive been to the er so many times of how ive been feeling lately it feel like a constant battle all my test come back normal too but i always have a hard time believeing im ok bevause i still feel bad

  • I know. Me too. But we are going to pull through this someday and somehow. ☺

  • You are right someday also my sleep has been messed up i think its also part of how im feeling not been able to get good rest

  • Hi. My body has mimicked so many terrible things. I am healthy, at least all my tests and blood work ups prove so...I finally learned to accept(partially)lol that I have a very active and powerful MIND...aka Anxiety and panic disorder. Trust me I fully know it is so HARD TO BELIEVE most of us ONLY have severe anxiety, but we have to learn to cope with it. I mean no disrespect...I AM STILL having a hard time fully accepting that anxiety can do all this to me. I have to give it to God, and pull through. Cry if you have to it helps. I am sorry for ya...let's try to start believing we are healthy and see if it improves. But again, I say this out of care for you all going through this, but I myself struggle very much.

  • Anxiety can cause a list of 100s of weird symptoms some days I get rapid heartbeat other days I feel like you. Iv had every test u can think of and at one point it just comes down to you v your mind. It's hard because anxiety seems to block all logical thought. Iv thought iv had so many serious illnesses over this last year from diabetes to heart failure ....

  • I'm so glad to find out that I'm not alone in this mind madness! Of course it sucks we are all experiencing this horrible thing called anxiety. I just want my brain to stop! Praying for all of us!

  • Yes you are right i know we are going to overcome this even tho it seems imposible we gotta keep trying and think positive and not worry wich is super hard for me but im working on it

  • How is everyone doing today i had somewhat of a normal day hopefully they are sings of improvement but i could still feel the anxiety lurking around i really apriciate you guys for posting and showing support i will keep praying for us we just have to have hope and be positive as i think about when all this started it can really knock you off your feet and its really hard to get back up with all the anxiety weight pushing down ive learned that doing stuff i liked as a kid helped alitte also easy exercises like long walks i know its really hard doing stuff that we used like doing but we gotta keep pushing because we cant let this keep taking over our lives i have my times too sont get me wrong and im gonna tell you its hell my own mind makes me feel awfull and think i have illnes or something is wrong but we gotta keep going foward even tho feeling normal again is imposible but nothing is imposible if you focus your MIND on it maybe we been focusing and the negative instead of positive the mind is strong but once again thank you best of luck and lets hope for the best

  • Hi Joe3344, Your words seem very positive. It takes time to understand what has happened to us but it does get better. We do not have a disease, we are not sick. It may knock you off your feet for a while but it shouldn't prohibit you from living a normal life. The more we give into anxiety and what it may throw our way, the longer it stays around. Everyone has their own way of dealing with what they have been given in life. Anxiety being one of them. Learning to accept and not fear your symptoms will get you through the difficult days/nights. I wish you well.

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