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Dear all,

I have joined this forum a couple of weeks ago as I have been experiencing various forms of anxiety for a while now. My most recent form of anxiety is health.

Like an anxious person, I worry. Constantly. I go to the GPs and ask them questions. Some of them are helpful and some are not. Some of them get a bit agitated if I come back with the same question and it is understandable. Like any anxious person, I have doubts about the diagnosis or the absence of it. For instance, I had a severe neck pain for weeks which also spread to my arms and collarbones. It affected my ear. Due to the health anxiety, I obviously exaggerated the pain. But I could not help it. I saw GPs several times as they looked at me, checked my neck and let me go without saying what is wrong with me. Eventually, I pushed one of the GPs to EXPLAIN to me what this pain is...give me any explanation, rather than letting me go saying there is nothing wrong with me. I did not imagine the pain but they made me paranoid.

Anyway, long story short... I have a question. How do you trust your doctors? I originally came from a different country where health services are not as expensive if you go private. If you have a complaint, the doctor will ALWAYS (unless it is something ridiculous) send you to do tests before prescribing medication etc. And, you know how it works in Britain. I have lived here for more than a decade and this is home. I have all the respect for the NHS. I never doubt its ability to give you help if you really need one. But, how can a person with an anxiety trust a GP if he/she just have a wee look at you, ask you a couple of questions and then tells you what is wrong with you? How does a person know he is not being misdiagnosed?

I just wondered as I have been thinking about it for a wee while.

Thank you all :)


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  • Anxiety sufferers find it difficult to believe anything their told by health professionals, they have a fear that something may have been missed, this is often the case regardless of tests etc, but ofcourse this doesn't mean that tests shouldn't be carried out, doctors will usually make an assessment as to what (if any) tests are required, it will usually depend on the symptoms being experienced by the patient, often they will begin by taking blood tests, doctors will usually only send patients for more extensive tests if they think there's a need to rule out other illnesses, sometimes symptoms may indicate non serious illnesses and so may not require more in-depth testing/examinations, anxiety sufferers will often find it difficult to accept diagnosis because their symptoms are so unpleasant or overwhelming that they can't understand how there could possibly be nothing wrong, this is one of the main difficulties we face with health anxiety, I can sympathize completely,

  • Thank you for your reply. It has been crazy. I hate the person I have become. Every time I get a new pain or sensation, I jump to the worst possible time last year I even spent the whole day planning my funeral lol. And I keep telling have a health anxiety. You should be treating it and not look for something more serious...And, then I catch myself thinking...what if a doctor was wrong and she just concluded that I was fine with no tests whatsoever. Plus she knows I have health anxiety so she just lets me go. And, I am losing precious time... Anyway...I should just earn loads of money and go private...they will do all the scans for me for my money lol. Off to buy a lottery!

  • I can understand completely, I truly can relate to your feelings, I had tests over a period of time and had more bloods done only recently, this seems to give reassurance for a while but eventually the same old "what ifs"'creep back, health anxiety is a very cruel and debilitating illness as is any mental health illness, but if you don't trust your doctor how will you trust the doctors who test you? its very difficult, you could speak to your doctor again and just come right out with it, tell him/her your not reassured that your physically well, ask for the tests even if they don't offer them, tell them you feel unwell and want proper examinations etc, let us know how you get on, hang in there xxx

  • Thanks a lot! I hope you can conquer your anxiety as well. Life, afterall, is a beautiful thing, and I know how much we want to enjoy. And, this debilitating illness (you could not have described it better!) makes our life experiences less enjoyable! xx

  • Yes your quite right, but we will come out of this with greater understanding than most and probably stronger for it too, perseverance is everything, wish you well, big hugs and keep us posted :-)

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