Anxiety nausea

Hi guys!

I have really bad anxiety that comes and goes and usually leaves me housebound. This time it's come around with some very intense nausea as well! It's happened everyday for 2 months now and have lost a lot of weight.

I have been through extensive tests with the docs, all coming back normal.

If anyone else experiences this please let me know :)


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  • I am the same with being housebound but when I HAVE to leave the house I find that I am always okay no matter how anxious I am! I get this sometimes when the plate of food is in front of me I start to panic an feel sick no idea why!! But I know what your going through, I hope you feel better soon xx

  • Yes I know what you mean. I have lost a lot if weight since July ever since anxiety has come on me badly. I've been so scared of it my mind was racing thing I have all kinds of diseases. Still do feel like that at times because sometimes it's hard to believe anxiety can do this

  • Hi @dita

    Let me first reassure you that the nausea you're experiencing is completely normal. So don't panic about it.

    For the last 10 years I've had a serious anxiety and panic disorder which at times have left me bed bound for weeks. I'm 11 stone and well built, yet at times when I've had these break downs I've lost stones of weight.

    I promise you there are lights at the end of the tunnel. You will be absolutely fine and if you can get in the mind set of "what will be will be and what will happen will happen". You will come through as an amazingly strong individual.

    If you want any advice or to ask questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Keep well,


  • I'm not housebound, but I feel nauseous most days and the only thing I think it's down to is anxiety! The more I'm feeling sick, the more anxious I get, it's such a viscous circle 🙁

  • I honestly lost so much weight because of this and barely eat. Even the thought of food makes me feel sick sometimes. My mum is even worried I'll be anorexic soon. And it doesn't help I have iron deficiency so need to eat a lot of balanced diet. It really sucks and I've always wondered why we feel this way even if we aren't exactly feeling anxious that day

  • I am losing tonnes of weight and have a high anxiety level. Can I ask if you're on any medication? I've been prescribed lexapro but haven't taken it yet as I'm afraid it will make my nausea worse. Do you get nauseous all day? Mine has been non stop for over 2 months and I've had to quit work and cancel a holiday overseas I was due to go on this week :(

  • No I'm not on any medication. I was prescribed some but stop taking them as they just made me drowsy and sleepy all the time. Have you thought about the possibility of having GERD? I have this if you don't know what it is its acid reflux. I sometimes feel the food I ate travel back into my mouth and that can make you sick too.

  • I had an endoscopy and the doctor didn't think it was acid reflux.. I took anacids for 2 weeks with no relief so I stopped taking them. I sometimes get a burning feeling at the back of my throats but other than that, it's nausea bloating and weird sounds in my stomach that have ruined my life on top of the anxiety!

  • One thing my doctor told my when I was taking medication for my acid reflux is that it can take up to 2 months to feel any type of improvement with your acid reflux. But at the same time I do know anxiety can cause a lot of stomach problems as obviously you stress a lot. One thing I know is that when I get really nervous like when I go to the dentis or about to take an exam I always feel like I'm gonna be sick and I had that even before I suffered with anxiety so I guess not that I have anxiety all the time maybe that's why I keep feeling sick and it could be the same with you.

  • Hi Dita, Do you have dizziness? For me usually if I feel anxious, restless, lost of appetite and etc. I will always stay at home because home is the safest place. These are the symptoms of anxiety attack. Because of anxiety disorder that causes all these to happened. I hope you feel better soon. Best regards.

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