Anxiety and Nausea

Hello all!

This is my first time posting here so forgive me if this doesn't make sense or if I've posted in the wrong section lol.

I am a long time sufferer of anxiety. A few years ago, it got so bad that I didn't leave my house for 1.5 years.

I eventually recovered and went back to work and all was fine for 2 years... until I got gastro or the "stomach flu". I was vomiting for a whole day along with other symptoms I won't share (really gross).

Since then, i have had really bad nausea and anxiety through the roof. I've had to cancel my overseas holiday and have quit my job also. The nausea is so strong I have no idea what to do with myself most days.

I have been through more tests that I can possibly imagine. 8 blood tests, endoscopy, gastric emptying test, HIDA scan to name a few.. all come back normal. I'm scheduled for a colonoscopy at the end of the month.

I've seen many doctors, that all seem to chalk this up to anxiety. I take a low dose of Xanax everyday which doesn't seem to really help the all day panic im in.. or the nausea.

Throughout all the years of having anxiety, I don't recall having nausea this bad. I do have a fear of vomiting and tend to carry a vomit bag with me everywhere and am always on the look out for toilets wherever I go. I barely go anywhere now because I'm feeling so so ill.

Does anyone experience this to? Or has in the past? I'm desperate for answers at this stage and just can't believe something so real and bad could be caused by the anxiety.. and why would it of started right after the gastro bug?

I must add that I'm also belching a lot, bloated and stomach is making crazy noises. The doctor did an X-ray on me and saw that I'm constipated so this may explain the bloating but not the nausea?

I've lost 11kg in this time and has been going on for 2 months.

Please anyone if you have any stories like mine or any ideas, I'd be forever grateful :)


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