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Lately i have been feeling really down, tonight i have been crying for over an hour, I dont know why i am crying. I am 12 in 7th grade (I also have ADHD) . I told my mom to leave me alone. And when i say leave me alone i dont want her to actually leave me alone. She knows i am crying. She didnt ask if i was okay. I shut my door and locked it. Now i am sitting on my bed crying in the dark. I might be depressed, confirmed by a website, not a doctor, but my therapist thinks its a maybe.

Lately school has been really hard, i dont want to put in effort for my projects or homework. My mom keeps nagging me about my grade. I dont know how to make myself put in more effort or want to do anything.

I hate talking to people about my feelings, like thats why my therapist isnt a great help to me. I dont like looking in peoples eyes when i talk to them.

Ive been feeling really sad, and stressed lately, and i dont know what to do.

(by the way i am also new here)


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Hi mirandasramirez, I am so sorry you are crying. It does sound as if school is getting to you. Middle school is difficult because it's transitioning you for entering high school. You are also going through a lot of changes with yourself right now which adds to your stress. We become extremely sensitive at this age. We want to handle things on our own but yet need the guidance of our parents. Try to be honest with your mom and let her know you don't really want her to leave you alone. You are just scared and overwhelmed. You may very well be depressed or it may be a passing sadness that we all get at one time or another. I truly believe it is important you continue with your therapist. It is difficult for some people at any age to confide in another person even a therapist. As for not liking to look in people's eyes when you talk with them, don't. A therapist is certainly not going to judge you for that. You can look at her hair which will look like you are looking in her eyes. Or put your eyes down for a few moments. Let her know you feel uncomfortable talking about your feelings. She will give you some ways to deal with that in order to make you more comfortable. You need to deal with your sadness and stress and your therapist is the person who can help. I wish you well Miranda. Stay connected to the forum as well. We will support you. x


Hello .... you sound like me when I was 12 ... it is a difficult time and we all deal with it in different ways ...body change...School.... figuring out life etc.... if I had known what I do now at 12 then things could have been easier...

A therapist is a good start but if it's not working for you then msybr look for help else where with another therapist or councillor. .. you say you have ADHD? When was this diagnosed and are you on medication for it ?? .... As with all medication things have side effects... it might be a good idea for you to do some mindfulness meditation

This helps in all areas of our life's and Any one can do it ... There are other things that can help your mood best speaking to a health professional

I think you need to try speak to your mother... she might not know the best way to deal with things after all we are not perfect .. you could write a journal .. This technique works very well .... you can keep a diary of events and feelings

I found that I wrote down how I felt each day then what I could do to change that... on the other page I wrote down what I was happy about and believe me that wasn't alot at the time i also wrote down one thing I had to do each day that made me feel good whether it be a walk ... play piano...sing a favourite song etc...

Over time my journal became a positive happy journal

I hope this helps and you understand what I'm trying to get across ☺☺


I have ADHD TOO. when I was your age I often felt like that. Unfortunately I was not diagnosed until now! However around your age I started to learn how to play an instrument and that really helped me. When I felt like this I use to stay alone and play on my flute. My Son Has ADHD too. His 12 too. He often cries but I ask him if I can help and when he send s me away I respect it but often he asks me to just stay near him without talking. He puts his head on my shoulder and cries. You may want to call a friend. Try and keep a friend or two which should be your Best friends and do not want if you fall out for a while it happens to everyone. Be strong young warrior


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