Wake up from a Racing heart

What the hell going on with me this start bout 7 years ago but its still scary as i dont no what waking up heart racing I'm jumping out of bed running through the house trying catch my bearth... Had my heart check tested and everything every thing was good some time i go without awhile without having them but i still have them and its is ano fun feeling only happen when I'm sleep doctor said might be my acid reflux he told me lift my head up high and put 2 bricks under the head of my bed i hope this help... Anyone ever had this problem please talk to me thanks....


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  • Oh karyaw, I so remember waking up scared with my heart racing as well as running through the house feeling like I couldn't breathe. It was a nightmare. It is a known fact that upon early morning (4am) the cortisol levels in our body rise preparing us for the upcoming day. With this, the adrenaline goes crazy in the morning causing us to wake up in a fright with our hearts racing. To us it is scary since we were just sleeping and we wonder what in the "He double hockey sticks" is happening. The feeling of not being able to catch your breath is from the chest wall muscles clamping down as you get more and more frightened.

    It is not dangerous. It is your mind telling your body you are in danger but you are not. I have used deep breathing and relaxation tapes for many years which helped turn around and lower the adrenaline. Now I don't even think twice about it, which makes it lessen so that you can start your day w/o any symptoms. Takes practice and patience but it will correct itself.

  • Oh really i feel alot better at least im not the only one go though this ...thank you so much I'm going get me some of those tapes... 😂

  • Good morning need sometime to talk to is you free let me no thanks

  • Good Morning karyaw. How are you??

  • I'm doing good be a lot better if I can get rid of the racing heart at nights waking me out of my sleep ...please any suggest...any help would be appreciated

  • Yes! I hope I'm not jinxing myself but I don't get them much anymore. I used to have this all the time. It seems worse than a lot of other attacks because as soon as you notice it you're already in a full-fledged panic; no time to try and head it off at the pass. I have bad reflux and I did raise the head of my bed - maybe that helped. I bought some risers that are made for that purpose, which were pretty cheap from Walmart.

    I use relaxation videos and ASMR videos on youtube for free. made a playlist and put it on at night. I hope you get some relief. Take care.

  • YES YES i LOVE IT.....YOU ARE A BLESSING Lord knows you are ...I'm going try your suggestions ...I'm going keep in touch with you if that's ok please....

  • Hi karyaw, I was scrolling through notifications but I see I missed this message. Sorry about that. Yes please do keep in touch anytime you like, I'd be glad to hear from you.

  • Glad to hear from you friend.......how u doing with the racing heart while sleep....im still having them it's Scary

  • It is scary. Again I don't want to jinx it but I don't have that one too much. I have Soooo many other panics tho all throughout the day. Well actually I did wake up this morning feeling like I was choking a little bit now that I think of it. I make sure to keep water nearby and then it's fine so it's really not a full-fledged attack like before. I drank the water and then I was good so maybe that one doesn't count. It's a lot. Do you only have these headaches at night and then you're okay throughout the day? If that's the case at least it's something?

  • Autocorrect said "headaches"but really I meant something like episodes or attacks or things, I don't know why that came up. But I didn't mean headaches.

  • I have that problem so don't worry you are most definitely not alone there.

  • Oh ok long yours been going on

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