Can anxiety feel like ur heart paulse is going low?

Man i wish i can solve this this my anxietys use to be fast heart rate now its normal and feels like its going slow . I dont think about but when it does come im so scared my heart might stop i can feel it on my neck like maybe a lack of air or something im not breathing hard either its like im lackimg of breathing my chest feel gibbery time to time is any one out there getting these sythomps my cardiolosigist told me to stay away from soda and caffime stuff and i did for a whole year now that my heart feels like its going to slow i drink a sods and it doesnt help makimg my heart go a bit fast ....i just domt know what to do i prsy that there is an opening tomorroe i sure hope so


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  • Yes when I had anxiety ! It always went fast ! And I was use to it but all of a sudden now for 3 months now it has bin slow lots and chest feels heavyish ? Dono what to think how long have you had it ?

  • I'm the same way the slowing part it's been happening for a month now but if I have anxiety since I was 18 then it stopped and then it came back and now it's just gotten worse I'm 28 now it came ever since I had my second child but I just don't know it feels like my heart going to stop and I took it chest pain or like stabbing pain on and off everytime I go to the ER but everything's fine but I get scared because you know you think about tomorrow is not a promise but you think God for an extra day and for a better day but is this really sucks and I wish my husband can really understand where I'm coming from he thinks that we're going to so they think we will solve it and it's it's really not and I really need the doctor to check and see what's really going on to see if it is curable or whatever that means but yeah it sucks big time and I'm always up at night because I'm afraid to fall asleep and when I do sleep it's after I take my son to school and sometimes your mom called me she thinks I'm lazy because I sleep in the morning but yep story of my life

  • Yes hands down !! So true I am sooo scared to sleep sometimes because I feel like I won't wake up lol and fight so hard to stay awake ! :) we will find what's wrong and fix our selfs I have faith in us ! Btw this website has helped me threw so much!

  • Me too! Im getting alot of chest pain uhg!! Yes i hope we get threw this its horriable my dad past away from a heart attack in o7 and im scared too die from it idk knowthe sythoms of heart attacks but im scared if it doesnt go away ill have yo have my husband take me i had really bad anxiety yesterday maybe its an after shock idk why iy hurts tho im trying to but i cant i took an aleave so hopefully itnworks. Itell my self that we will be ok we got this!

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