I've simply had enough of this, my anxiety has followed me all the way to Las Vegas and has made it his goal to ensure I don't have a good time! Thought I'd let my hair down last night and have a few drinks, what a terrible idea, woke up today reeling very dazed and not with it. Every breathe I take in I'm expecting to have a stabbing pain in my chest and have a heart attack! When I look at myself in the mirror now I am questioning whether the Moles I've had are new (cancerous). I've had images of me collapsing and dying innmy head with me with a smile on my face as I'll be rid of all of this pain and suffering!!!


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  • I'm so sorry you feel this way as I know exactly how it feels. I went on holiday and still am coming home tomorrow and the entire two weeks I was here I didn't enjoy myself at all as I was constantly in anxiety mood. Planes? I used to love them... Flying was something I really enjoyed and always looked forward too. Two weeks ago before we got on the plane I got so nervous during the entire flight I thought I was gonna die I felt that bad. Heavy head, burning eyes, felt breathless, feeling sooo sick and very bad head ache and sweating. After maybe an hour on the plane I seemed to calm down a bit with only a couple of symptoms left and also started shivering badly near the end. And now I'm slowly worrying about the plane flight tomorrow. Please don't think like that. Don't let anxiety win. Even tho with me it seems to win every time.

  • It's ruining me. If I feel starving? Anxiety. If I overeat? Anxiety. Upset stomach? Anxiety kicks in. I'm a little hungover today which has only strengthened the anxiety but I drunk a load of water and still no relief. Looks like it's here for the duration. Flying onto Mexico later today, absolutely dreading it. Anxiety is beating me, I'm throwing the towel in shortly! I'm on fluoxetine and am drinking. Is this a big no no?

  • Well any medication and alcohol isn't very good especially anxiety medication as they make you drowsy so alcohol will make you feel even worse. And yeah every day I have some type of pain. Stomach pain, headache, chest pain or my back it's always something. And I can't even rem the last time I touched alcohol as I'm too scared too

  • Anxiety has also ruined a trip for me it makes me so sad that we cant even enjoy ourselves without this thing taking over i would say try and regain control over the situation maybe take a day to try and cope u are in las vegas enjoy your trip. As for that stabbing pain when u breathe i also get that as well

  • Try milk thistle - helps clear alcohol and protects liver.

  • Thanks all so much for your help. It all makes sense what you are saying. But I can't help but tell myself it's more! I haven't slept in over 24 hours because of my travelling so I think that will make me worse? Just had a tight chest all day. It's horrible?

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