Really bad anxiety well I think

I went to the doctor's as my tongue and throat was really sore he said it was a strep throat infection, but the burning on my tongue got worse and the saliva was either collecting at the back of my throat or there wasn't enough which led me to panic since then its been on and off not sure if I've made it worst due to panicking that its something serious I keep checking my mouth and throat so many times a day im a nervous wreck

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  • Hi annharford, I'm sorry you have strep throat. I know it isn't fun but hopefully your doctor gave you antibiotics to take. The burning on your tongue can be from the medication as well as dryness from constantly checking your throat and becoming anxious. Follow your doctor's orders as well as drinking fluids. Drinking tea and chicken broth will help thin out the mucous at the back of your throat. Strep will run it's course and then be over with. Take care, lay low and get well soon. x

  • Hi annharford, feeling any better today?

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