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I don't know where to start so i will just get to it

I don't know if we put our names here so i won't but my user name is nsidra, I'm 28 , I'm from sheffield but born in greater part of Manchester so moved to sheffield about 3 years old and raised here, I'm a film making student, also studying photography and graphics being part of that course. Im trying to lose weight, so I've joined weight loss NHS, Healthy eating a few other groups to help me with this and I suffer from anxiety.

Sorry if the information isn't grand, there isn't much grand about me :)

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Welcome to the anxiety support group how are you doing today

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I'm ok thank yuu


Welcome to this site nsidra

I am also from Manchester,

Now living in Cornwall

Great to hear you are doing so well

With your studies, healthy eating and other support groups

I hope you get the help/support you need from this one too

All good wishes


Ps Especially good to be able to offer you support as it bridges religious paths.

I am a Jewish woman but respect your faith/traditions and others too.

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Like wise and very lovely to meet you 😊👍🏻

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