got told i had a miscarriage now anxiety is getting worse

my anxiety getting worse after getting bad new but i think the scan lady lied to us again as she lied to us with the first scan

my 1st scan was 2 weeks ago the scan lady said there was only a pregnancy sac there she said she could not really tell if there was or was not a baby in it she said only another scan can tell is there is or not a baby in there as we found out i was only 2 weeks pregnant at the time but found out yesterday the midwife told me the 1st scan did show a baby and it had no heartbeat as i was only 2 weeks pregnant so she lied to us the same women done the 1st scan done my second scan she was there for 3 or so mins then said the pregnant sac we seen last time got detached and i miscarriage she never said nothing about the baby only the sac again midwife whats us to do more pregnancy test if the come back all positive i will have to have more scan also the scan lady never showed the screen she only showed the screen at the 1st scan my bf was trying to look at it and he said to me later on it did look like there was a baby but just small and there was a pregnancy sac she could be letting lies again for all we know only the pregnancy tests can tell us now all i know because of all of this my anxiety has got stronger i have all my pregnancy symptoms no bleeding feel hunger like mad all the time my bfs dog dont live me alone


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