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Meditation and music

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These are what is helping me these days. I use guided meditation online with headphones and I also listen to beautiful instrumental music. It doesn't solve all my problems, but it is so soothing and relaxing in times of need during excessive stress or anxiety. Give it a try. ☺😚I also started reading my bible and that is helping too. Be well my friends. Let's stop worrying our lives away. 😐Together. 😃

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It's so liberating when you find what works for you🙏🏻here's praying that everyone can find that peace 🙏🏻

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Thank you very much. It works for me but hasn't healed me. I still struggle a ton, but I do find peace within the struggle. 😊

I absoloutely LOVE doing the meditations,I use the Insight Timer app,it's just brilliant,it's changing my life 😀

Yes meditation is truly a blessing. It is helping me too. 😊

Hi stays tong 85. I find music very comforting also. I go on youtube and listen to 8 hours of birds and water

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