Sleep Paralysis

I had never actually experienced it before until today when I woke from having a terrifying nightmare, and it is quite possibly the scariest thing I have ever been through. It's so hard to explain but when I was fighting against the sensation of being paralyzed, I tried so hard to reach for my phone. Now my right arm seems to be hurting from where I was trying so much. I still feel kind of shaky and weak and now I'm staying awake because I am too scared to sleep. It was like someone was there watching me, I have to keep glancing around me to make sure no one currently is. I know it isn't anything dangerous but I'm frightened and I never want to experience something like that again. I want to sleep but I don't know what to do.

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  • Hello nessa12, it was as you say a bad dream, a nightmare!! I've had them where I felt someone was lieing on top of me and suffocating me!!! I kept trying to scream and wake up!! Eventually I did and frightened my other half to death. It's just Anxiety causing it. You will be ok, there's nothing there that will hurt you. It's just your imagination. Are you on your own or with someone?

  • Ive had a sleep paralysis twice in my life and it is the strangest thing Ive ever experienced. I can remember one where I had a russian mob break into my home and I was unable to move! Thankfully I snapped out of it but I think it lasted a few minutes at least. Ive read to try to wiggle one of your fingers, that helps snappin ya out. I assume this occurs under stress or maybe just a strange phenomenom?

  • Any professional explanation on what occurs in the body/brain connection

    Would be appreciated and elevate fears.

  • I've had a similar episode about 12 months ago, I fell sleep on my bed for a while then woke up but it was like I was dreaming at the same time. I could see my phone on the bed and also see out of the bedroom window, I could hear my family talking on the phone to a doctor behind me saying "he's getting worse" when I tried to turn over to see them I couldn't move, I tried really hard and a sharp pain shot through my back so I gave up. After about 3 minutes the talking behind me stopped and I could move. The phone position, my position and the view out of the window was exactly the same as when I couldn't move. It's not happened since.

  • Hi --I'm re-posting from another thread, I wrote it a couple of months ago: It's the scariest thing in the world. I argued about this with a therapist who insisted it's all in autonomic nervous system and not possible, but I know without a doubt I had to will myself to breathe or I would suffocate and it was excruciatingly hard. It has happened several times through the years; more info is coming out about it now, finally. I think many factors can be at the root, meds or med combos you might not even think of being one.

    I am a lifetime insomniac and have had sleep issues since I was a child--that's got to have some kind of stress related effect, and effect my hormone balance. This issue is so profound because sleep is essential to health and sanity. It should be one place of peace and relief!! Hopefully this was just an isolated incident for you, but you are not alone. Some people think it's imagined, I'm sure I experienced sleep paralysis.

    We also secrete a hormone during a certain stage of REM sleep that partially paralyzes the muscles (I believe the theory is so that we don't act out dreams out). That could be all out of whack in my case. I hope I haven't scared you--it hasn't happened in awhile thank God.* (of course it has since) But for awhile I wanted to sleep with toothpicks in my eyes so I wouldn't fall asleep for fear I'd stop breathing!! There's also the biggie: sleep apnea which you can be tested and treated effectively for. If it happens again maybe you can do a sleep study. Good luck and good night 🌟 xx

    I will add (again) that more research is coming out about this phenomenon. I'm glad so many of us are posting about it, maybe it will lead to more. I have a printout somewhere if I can locate I will post a link. Try to remember you are not alone, check your meds (if you take any) and though it seems impossible, try to relax. I completely understand your fear and send prayers of protection and safe rest for all of us tonight!


    This is one of several links I found just now

  • Do you take meds to help you sleep? I noticed when I took Trazodone to sleep I used to get nightmares similar to your where I could not move and weird looking faces staring at me and laughing

  • Hi Nessa. I had this before and it is scary. When I was a little girl people use to say that meant the Devils was riding your back, lol !!! But don't let that defeat you, it could cause more problems in the future.

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