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I just don't know what to do anymore

I've had health anxiety on and off for years but I've been having a flare up of problems these last few months. The doctors are treating me for acid reflux but I can't help thinking it's something more serious because I feel so rubbish all the time but I know it's probably the anxiety causing most of my symptoms. I've tried for so long to get it under control but I just can't deal with it any more. I really wanted to stay off the pills but I've just made a doctors appointment to speak to them. I can't go on worrying like this anymore. It's taking over and even my kids (2 and 5) are starting to notice somethings wrong with me. I don't want them to grow up with these memories of me. It took every bit of effort just to get out of bed and into work this morning and now I'm sat here like a zombie, trying not to cry and counting down the minutes until my appointment.

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Hi yes its hard when your kids are small and you are struggling with anxiety,life is hard enough at the best of times,without the anxiety we suffer,i understand how you feel,i started with anxiety when i was 23,im now 53,i brought up my 3 girls while struggling with many symptoms and often felt i could not cope anymore,but i always did cope as we are stronger than the anxiety makes us feel,also anxiety sometimes turns into health anxiety as mine did,and i believe because our minds and bodies are overloaded with stress and tension,we feel run down,causes the acid reflux,aches and pains,etc,just tell the doc exactly how you are feeling and take it from there,keep strong and i hope you feeling better soon,

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i know exactly how you feel. im also having problems with acid reflux and have severe health anxiety which has only made it worse. my symptoms seem to worsen when i am alone in my mind thinking about every little horrible possibility. its always something different rather i have a lump in my throat caused by acid reflux or by anxiety the only thing that comes to mind is some kind of throat cancer or something else that is going to kill me. however and i am not saying that it completely wipes out my health anxiety but what certainly does help a lot is putting my faith in Jesus and leaning on him when i feel worried i ask him to take my worries away and help me get through each day and it helps a lot. The biggest reason i think it helps is because my biggest worry is fearing i am going to die from some horrible disease or heart attack at any given moment but through trusting in Jesus i know that Whatever happens he will get me through it and not trying to scare you or anything because i know this isnt the most ideal way to look at things but i know that if i was to die i would only be in a better place with Jesus and all pains and worries would be gone and i would be eternally happy with all of my passed friend and family. i hope this helped in some way just know that you are not alone. God Bless :) i pray that your mind will be at ease and you will find some assurance that everything will be just fine.


I can totally relate you


Thanks for the replies. I realise now my mum. Had anxiety when I was growing up and I'm so scared my children with have it because they grow up seeing me like this. I just got out of the doctor who did an anxiety assessment. Out of a possible 21 points I had 21 so I think it was pretty obvious to her I'm in a bad place. She was really good talking about it and has given me escitalopram to try for 3 weeks and see if there's any improvement. She did seem keen to get me back on track and hopefully come off these after a while which is good because I'd rather come off them in future when I'm ready. I haven't had a great experience of anti anxiety/antidepressants before but fingers crossed these different ones will at least help enough for me to cope with it by myself. Xx


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