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Help I need 😓😓

Morning !!!!!!I have not yet been diagnosed with anxiety panic. I do not know what happens to me. I feel my neck tired all the time. with stiffness already has about 4 months. I have done almost all heart exams. x ray. complete blood exam. ultrason thyroid. the doctor that all normal. so I wanted to return to my normal life. there are days when I am discouraged. all the time I think I'm going to die soon. anybody here feel this tension in neck stiffness? discomfort in the back and left chest.😢

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Yes anxiety causes muscle tension as it causes stress which causes fight or flight, ,causing muscles to contract. muscle pain is one of the most common symptoms of anxiety and worrying about the symptoms leads to a continuous loop of more stress and more pain!

Try maybe a massage or relaxation techniques, defeat the anxiety and symptoms will go too!

This too shall pass

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Hi, I am sorry you are having neck pain! I also have been having stiff neck, pain in middle of my back, left side of body numbness! I have been having these symptoms for about 6 months! I have anxiety and I constantly felt tje pain and tightness in my neck and back! Had all kinds of tests done and so far all normal! Last monday saw a neurologist, he order MRI of my neck and will be having that soon! I think anxiety can cause so many symptoms that maked us think that we have something worse! I could no longer function with just taking xanax as needed so I asked my Dr for Zoloft and been taking for 7 weeks now! My anxiety is better but I still get the stiff neck/ back pain! I read that magnesium is good to help with relaxing the muscles so I bought the spray magnesium from amazon but you can also take the supplement! I did not feel much of a difference when I did tje spray! Try also vitamin B12, I just started taking a week ago. Wish you the best:)


Good night everyone!!! I do not believe what I feel is anxiety. with so much discomfort in the neck with stiffness. fatigue. not sleep if not take pill to sleep. Samethinhg wrong. I feel every day already have about 5 months.


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