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Been over a month of waking up everyday, not remembering the day before or how I felt, just going through the day feeling like I'm dead or any minute I'm gonna wake up from this nightmare but I'm not. Every day is hell, everything's fake around me, 2D almost, I feel like I don't know anyone. Does anyone else get the experience of not remembering the day before properly and just feeling like everyday is worse?

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Hi you seem to be describing feelings of derealisation,like a detachment from whats around you,ive felt this many times,its when we have had prolonged anxiety and stress,and we have become so introvert with our thoughts,it is a common symptom of anxiety and yes it feels scary,but it does pass,when i felt like this,still do some days,i try to take notice of whats happening around me,sounds,peoples conversations,keeping busy helps,its just another weird symptom of anxiety,it doesnt mean your going crazy or losing touch,its just an emotional symptom,its a very uncomfortable feeling i know,hope you are feeling better soon,

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An article that helped me


You will be ok :)


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