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No I've been for my weekend it was alright no anxiety but I did have low blood pressure and I felt really super sick I took her to the hospital today and they said my blood work was fine my blood pressure was normal I shouldn't have tried to soda before I had went and so that they can actually see butt for some reason it keeps coming and going and I feel so sick and I have I know I've been thinking about it a lot today and I hope it doesn't affect me in anyway but I did have like a big anxiety attack at the store also a good thing with this tooth hurting so bad since I cracked it what kind of meat on that side I can't even sleep right my whole face hurts I need to get an appointment ASAP but it's going to have to wait for at least 3 weeks but I just crazy I don't know what to do like my I feel so sick I feel like my heart's beating some type of way hard to explain don't even want to eat my tooth is hurting so bad I hope everything is fine by tomorrow and I know for sure this pain is going to continue what's up I wonder how you guys are doing hopefully guys are doing okay I'll be up this pain is to paying for it now


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  • Hi sorry to hear you having a bad time at the moment,i can relate to your bad tooth problem,i had two teeth out 2 days ago,i had an abcess 2 weeks before that and sat through horrendous pain because my anxiety was bad and had to find the courage to go to the dentist,over the years i have lost many of my teeth through waiting too long to see a dentist,it is only the last 2 year i would say that i have made myself go and sort my teeth out,still very anxious before i go,the anticipation is worse than actually getting it done,i hope you get it sorted as soon as possible,it seems a long time to wait 3 weeks if you are in pain,can you not get a quicker appointment.

  • Hi there this is horrible on for me trying to get an appointment the only reason why I said about three weeks is because we just moved into a new place so we're super broke paying bills paying the deposits and stuff fits it's hard it's very hard it sucks cuz I totally forgot earlier while eating dinner and I want to eat on my bad side to them it hurts so bad my husband looked at me like what is wrong with it hurt it so bad that my eyeball is hurting butt it just sucks because I can't get sleep because of the pain of the constantly be taking medicine made myself on the type of person that doesn't take any sort of medicine regardless unless I'm just super sick like fever or take medicine but that hardly ever happens but this painting here is Super Bowl like I have to come by hours when I take it when can I take it and it sucks like I never take medicine and now I'm starting to take medicine like I can tolerate pain this pain goes from my temple to my brain to the bottom of my job to the front to take it hurts so bad but I'm glad you messaged back sorry it's so late I still can't sleep I probably won't be able to sleep till later on but hopefully I can get some rest soon I'm just watching movies and I'm sorry to hear what you had to go through it but it was very hard I get scared to go to the dentist but I just got think that everything's going to be okay and I think they're going to be better

  • Hi yes its not fair when you are in pain and it is so expensive,oh i hope you feel better soon,i used salt in warm water to help mine before going to dentist it helped a bit,i do wish you well and hope you get it sorted soon,

  • Thank you friend i appreciate it! Do to this pain i rather get socked in the face lol its horriable i took a aleve hopefully it works then its time too wake up in pain ...again uhg i hope i get it situated too .

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