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Deep Relaxation

Hey guys,

Just curious to see if anyone gets intense symptoms during relaxation exercises/meditation? I can almost feel my symptom pathology during meditation. It starts with a tight/numb feeling in my arm and then the tension spreads throughout my body. My muscles can get so tight that it gets pretty tough to accept. My throat and face muscles especially. Its strange but maybe its a symptom of my persistent anxiety disorder? My first experience with all this was after a surgical procedure so maybe something correlates.

Ive also get persistent feeling of cognitive confusion. Its as if my brain is trying to repair itself from an injury or something? Hard to explain but theres an inner pressure in my head and the confusion symptom makes it difficult to cope with. Hard to explain really. All my test results are negative BTW.

Anyone with similar experiences?

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I got this during yoga to my suprise, I really hoped it would have helped my anxiety but it actually bought on a lot of the anxiety physical symptoms never went again! I tried meditation that was awful I felt like my spirit left my body or something and left me in a shakey way! We all know that us anxiety suffetes like to be in control of our body which is never the case 😕.... i have hot showers which help its like im burning away all the stress and anxities and I'm not sure where u are from but if you can try the "deep sleep stress less" roll on ball that you can roll on your wrist it's all natural remedy for anxiety it has helped me a lot all you do is sniff it loll strange but so good it's from boots store London England or amazon. 😊 hope that helped a little x


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