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Sarted my day with a severe panic attack :-(

Woke up normal at around 7 am. Was playing with my son who is 2years old suddenly I felt that I wanted to take a deep sigh! As soon as I did that I felt that I m not normal ! Unable to breathe, shaking hands, heart palpitation and weird feelings that I am dying! Very weak body . I run outside to breathe some fresh air but things got worse with lots of burping so I went to the doctor as an emergency !!!! There he told me that I need a counsellor to know more details about my anxiety and see what we can do !!! Cried so badly as my worry and thoughts were more about my little son!!! I want to be strong to take care of him. I am really desperate to find a way to deal with these panic attacks that are so recurrent. I am going through a lot of hard time at the moment because my husband is ill , suffering from a very rare and dangerous disease and My brain can't stop thinking and that is what is making things worse with me. Hope I get some replies that would bring me more comfort, support and help.

Thank you

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So sorry to hear about your struggle, this illness seems so cruel, try reading some of BeeVees posts on this forum, his insight and advice is positive and comforting, you are not alone with your symptoms, they are so typical of anxiety/panic, we hear you xxx

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