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This is a gret site for kind words and advice

Hi everyone i just want to say i have been on this site for a couple of weeks and read many posts and tried to reply to people on here with some experiences i have had,i have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for 30 years,i feel i have gained more understanding of it has the time has gone on,i still suffer with it and by no means would i say i have won the battle,but i have found some peace with it,i accept it more now and understand anxiety is part of everyone ,it can be managed but we are unable to get rid of it,i find the key is to challenge how we think about everything we do and feel and realise we are our own worst enemy by how we let our anxiety control us,at first i used to see my anxiety as a seperate part of me something alien i had to fight to stop myself from going crazy,but once i stopped fighting it and started to understand i was having a war with my own mind,it got a little easier,CBT helped me,as i could check my thoughts at the worst times and try to change the negative thought into something real,not necessarily positive,just asked myself at times am i catastrophising,always thinking the worst,i have learnt to quiten the what ifs ,what if i faint,what if i lose control,what if i embarass myself,anyway i just want to say,everyone has the right to self worth and self esteem and i hope you all realise you are always worth it.

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I totally agree with you Worried111. It took me 30 years as well. I am hoping that the newly diagnosed with Anxiety don't have to waste the years we did before getting to where we are at now. A forum such as this didn't exist. Everything was done on my own as well as therapists and doctors. There is so much new information now as well as medications if needed to succeed. I wish you continued success. And Yes, we are worth it. :)

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I'm so glad you are feeling much better I feel I am at very much the same stage as you after suffering for over 40 years now I have found acceptance is the key to gaining some peace I spent so many years fighting it and looking for some miracle cure The cure was inside me I had to change the way I looked at anxiety I have found over the years there never will be that miracle cure

It's true acceptance and giving up the fight that is the key That and relaxation techniques

I was always so ashamed of it too now I'm not it's not the dark ages now it's talked about much more I wish there had been this forum when I was first ill I was just put on Valium and told Its agoraphobia it will go one day That was it I struggled every single day on my own

Yes I realise I'm worth it at last I have learnt to love myself having grown up with an emotionally abusive mother who made me feel totally worthless

All the very best 😀

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