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Feel like Anxiety is Smothering Me

Hi Guys my names joe I've suffered from anxiety from I was a kid I got through it and now it's been back the past 8 months or so but recently it's getting really bad ID say like the past two months I keep thinking my body is riddled with cancer and tumours and no matter how many times I think positive I can't get past it I've had problems with my bowls and I've had blood tests and stool tests and they've came back all clear so this is why I think my mind keeps resulting to cancer or a tumour something that may not show up on a test like that does anyone know if it would or what kind of test I could ask my doctor to give me to check for cancers and tumours. I have a real fear of dying and leaving loved ones behind on top of everything I've just said my reason for thinking all this on top of the anxiety I always feel nauseous and it gives me nauseous headaches my legs can feel heavy I feel like I'm forgetting things and loosing my balance people close to me are saying it's mental exhaustion and fatigue but I'm scared it's something worse I don't know what to do anymore I've been to the doctors that many times I'm scared that they just think oh he has anxiety he's just overthinking everything

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Hi Joe, you know it's your anxiety thinking you have cancer Or a tumour, upset stomach due to anxiety!! It's awful I know. The only way to see into your body as far as I know is to have an MRI scan. This awful anxiety you have is taking away your peace everyday. You've got this far Joe and all the things you thought you might have you haven't had!! What does that tell you!! 99 percent of the things we worry about never actually happen !!! I don't know if you've had counciling but maybe that would help get to the bottom of why you think the way you do!! You did incredibly well getting through it before!! So somethings triggered it off again??


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