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Almost got kidnapped :o

Yesterday night my best friend tried setting me up :( I am a totally sketch bag and don't trust anything . I have lived with him for 2 years so I know when something is wrong or up. So we were walking to a friends and my gut told me something was wrong and we get there and I let my friends go inside and I stayed outside to text someone to grab me then too vehicles pulled up and I booked it into the back yard and herd the car and truck speel off , I relized I didn't have wifi so I was on my own. This started at 7 o'clock at night I was in back yards and and there was totally of 7 trucks chasing me up and down streets and ally's I managed to stay for 2 hours in this one backyard and watch the trucks meet up at 711 across the street and split up every now and then then all of a sudden the 1 truck pulled in and face the headlights threw the side of the house into the plane view of me ! And 2. Guys got out and started walking towards me putting gloves on I froze and got up and hopped the fence and ran ! I ended up in a little forest and jus said to myself keep running ! I stopped and catches my breath, I was familiar with the area growing up as a child so I knew the secret trials and what not. I ended up loosing my shoes and it was raining so I was so cold . The crazy part is every single area I made it to they seemed to be there !! It honestly felt like mantracker . I was so hungry and thirsty :( wile it rained I jus grabbed grass and sucked the rain out it worked :)!! But my feet were so beaten up I was surrounded and couldn't find wifi to call anyone to help me :( 7 hours later it was 1am buy then I almost gave up :( I was going to sleep in the rain till morning but I ended up making this trail and went to a house with its lights on and asked for help and I said I jus need a taxi plz but she said no no I'll call police to help you look cold... I was so frustrated and because why is I know these guys and if I was caught telling ! There would have bin bad concequences... So as I waited outside while this lady was on the phone with the police ...these headlights came around a vehicle I was like great cops:/ but it wasn't it was a taxi :D and so I made it to my grandmothers and bin here since :( the scary thing is I ran from trucks for 7 hours :( with no shoes in rain and I'm nervous they might know we're I am and take me ! What can I do ??? Any options like ....last night I stayed up all night couldn't sleep was so shakened up :s and tonight I'm feeling the same way ! HELP

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