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Anxiety or ALS

So I have had on and off weakness affecting the left side of my body for the last 5 months yet the last 2 weeks it has become pretty much constant. I wake up feeling weak and it lasts all day long. Now this has caused me to fear that I have ALS. it is pretty frustrating and scary at the same time. Does anyone else every experience prolonged weakness from anxiety

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I'd say visit your doctor so they can run some tests. It could be a number of things, maybe even lack in vitamins.


Hi, I was having the same for monts! And yes anxiety can also male you weak! However, be sure you see a Dr to rule out other causes! Someone here recommended to have vitamin B12 level checked, I started taking B12 and feeling better, but I also take Zoloft 50mg which is also helpi g with my anxiety! I still plan to have my Dr check the b12 level


Absolutely have your b12 checked. Years of my anxiety and depression went away. There are some good groups about B12 deficiency which you should join as doctors will often tell you that your levels are fine when infact they are too low. You can always buy online and self inject which is what I had to do. If you want more details about where I get it please PM me I don't think they allow links here.

Diet and cutting out sugar is really important too and other stimulants and magnesium might help too. Put your feet in a magnesium foot bath every day, you can use Epsom salts or Magnesium chloride flakes.


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