How long can a Hiatal hernia go untreated?

I haven't really seen a doctor for the pains i get in my diaphragm because i wanted to sort of get an idea of what this might be. I did some re-search and most things say its a hiatal hernia, should i seek treatment of any sort. I checked out the symptoms and most of them relate to what i re-searched, what i want to know is if it does end up being a Hiatal Hernia, how long can i go with-out treatment, or surgery of any sort?


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  • I would definitley NOT try to self-diagnose yourself. Dr. Google will tell you have everything when in fact you have nothing. I would go to your GP to make sure and get the expert opinion. You will know and feel better.

  • Hi Audrey1125, with anxiety we seem to become diagnosticians. Not a good idea since you may be harboring the thought of something you don't even have. I've had it for years and years, it was found by the doctors doing a test for something else. Treatment none, surgery none. I have no ill effects from it. Doing research on medical issues is not a good idea. x

  • Hi... I have a hiatal hernia and haven't had any treatment other than .. I sometimes get acid tablets on prescription !! But I did have this diagnosed medically .. This is nothing to worry about... And your mind is possibly making your symptoms worse... Pop to your GP and put your mind at rest.. All the best ..

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