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Went to the doctors today! Still worried!

I went to the doctors today about a bump on my head. The doctor told me that he thinks that's where my skull connected and that he didn't have any concerns about it. I felt this bump about a month or so ago and thought nothing of it. But now being my anxiety is so bad I just think the worst in everything. The bump and curve is more on my left side.. And here I am still worrying about it. It doesn't bother me unless I start thinking about it hurting. Now I do sleep on the left side of my neck and also have jaw pain and my teeth do hurt on my left side. (Think its my wisdom teeth I am 20 and haven't been go a dentist in years). I did mention this to my doctor and he said that the jaw pain I get is different nerves then where my bump is. But with that being said when I get the pain in my jaw I think its my head and then start getting pains on my left side of my head. And then I start freaking out. Has anyone ever thought of something so much that it actually makes pain worse or make it seem worse then it is? I am just a nervous wreck anymore. Is this actually possible to think about something and have the brain send signals and cause pain just cause you think about it? Im just really scared about the whole thing. I even told my doctor that I was really worried and he didn't say much.

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Hi sorry you are going through bad anxiety at the moment,yes i think anxiety can make our health problems worse as the more you worry about it you cannot think of anything else,it takes over,i used to think i had all sorts of things wrong with me,very similar to you i have a lump i found on the top of my skull and for months i thought it must be really serious ,i eventually asked the doc and they said i was probably born with it,i also went through a terrible time and couldnt swallow properly,it used to cause me to have panic attacks,but again eventually i forgot about that and focused on another problem,and so it goes on,im just trying to say that anxiety can take over and we think the worst ,but if we work on lowering the anxiety and think in a different way then a lot of the symptoms we feel get easier or go away,anxiety heightens our sensitivity to everything we feel in our body and yes the mind believes what you are telling it,its all about retraining your thoughts to think in a different way,i wish you well and hope you can move forward and put your health worries behind you ,i understand this is not easy to do,as anxiety can be strong and overwhelm us sometimes,but practising to think in a different way has helped me,i do wish you well and hope you find strength to move on from this

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Thank you so much for your comment ☺


My anxiety has definitely consumed me to the point where I can't even sleep good at night. I wake up in a panic and think all these things which make it 10 times worse


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